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Thread: PES T12 part required!

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    PES T12 part required!

    just bought a PES T12 from a friend who had a larger barrel diameter than me. I now need a new plastic washer/screwed insert for the part that sleeves the barrel.
    Any ideas where I can get one?

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    Jms arms the importer , Julian will have what you need
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Jms arms the importer , Julian will have what you need
    And if you can measure the barrel accurately he'll bore it to size as well.


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    Perfect folks, thanks, on it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlejimmy View Post
    Perfect folks, thanks, on it!
    get it a opened out a tad bigger than the barrel where it come up to, this will prevent the delrin washer rubbing off the coating of the barrel.

    i used to have mine machined with a groove in the inside then fit a O ring to that and that stopped the rubbing to perfection,

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    Found the website, its called a barrel support bush BSB! Micrometer out tomorrow and get it measured up. From the back of the existing BSB or remove it and take the measurement from the back of the mod?

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    screw the mod on, place a mark, i use tape, on the barrel where the old bush finishes. Action end. then get out your mics and measure the barrel next to the tape. i o'ring mine as well but i also put a single turn of tape on as well now as it does rub up the barrel the wrong way.

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    Steve Kershaw Steve Kershaw Firearms - Home page
    he is a PES /MAE/JMS dealer

    bought my mod from him, he fitted it same time and when I needed another he did it in the post from measurements I took
    fits like a glove
    I use mine on three different rifles and used to change it all the time
    now it just has the largest one on it and "One size fits all" as they say

    makes no difference to accuracy or the mod unscrewing

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