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Thread: stalking in mauritius while on honeymoon

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    stalking in mauritius while on honeymoon

    While i was getting married[again] on mauritius the wife and i went for a walk to the shops, on the way about 100 yds outside the hotel complex we came across a huge advertising board at the entrance to a side road advertising quadbike excursions .So we phoned up and arranged to meet a guide the following day.
    So the next day arrived and we met the guy by the billboard who took us a few hundred yards in his 4x4 to a building and our awaiting quads.
    The ground consisted of 1800 acres of tall tropical trees, smaller trees and bushes with tots of lush green open spaces interspersed with gravel roads and quad tracks in-fact the ideal shooting ground.
    After four hours of great biking and lots of pictures including deer,wild boar,fruit bats,guinea fowl,hares and loads of colourfull birds our guide took us to apart of the forest where there was an open area about 2000yds long and 20yds wide with high seats or boxes that could hold 4 people all the way from one end to the other about 100yds apart,yes you may have guessed by now i was smack in the middle of a hunting a
    After I convinced my new wife of 2 days that I new nothing of this hunting lodge right on our doorstep I arranged to meet with the owner the next day.So the fallowing day I met the main man, where I negotiated a price to shoot a java stag and if possible a wild boar.I quickly went back to the hotel and changed into long trousers, green tee-shirt and skip hat.
    Half an hour later I returned and selected a .222 where I put 3 shots in 4in target at 100yds.Then we headed of on foot including the local tracker in case we needed him.After an hour or so of stalking and more photos we came across a shootable beast, took the shot sitting down with rifle on my knees and about 180 yds out.He dropped on the spot,a good heart shot, it was a 6 pointer just below medal class,I was well chuffed my first java stag
    Later on the way back in the 4x4 we came across a family of wild boar running parallel with us about 50 yds to our right,my guide quickly stopped the vehicle and told me to open the door and get ready in case they decided to cross the road,as he anticipated they dually obliged and I fired at the last one of about 7, it fell and somersaulted a couple of times a good head shot.
    Back at the lodge we hung the beasts in the larder and I was shown some of the trophy heads on the wall.After a couple of drinks and as i was being driven back to my hotel, during our conversation I learned that the head chef was good friend of my guide,so the following night my wife and I was treated to a meal at a private table of venison done mauritian style which included a personal servant serving champagne ,with all the guests looking on in amazement .
    To round it all off I was invited back the fallowing day for a walked up rough shoot,fantastic.
    PS. the wife still wonders how i managed to book a hotel 200yds from a hunting lodge,ha ha


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    hi you have a P.M ,CHRIS

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