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Thread: Be Aware...Lymes Disease

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    Be Aware...Lymes Disease

    A story/heads-up...

    About a month ago I woke with a sore shoulder, it got worse, and eventually spread all around the muscles in my upper body and top of my if I had been chainsawing for a week solid or been beaten up. In the first 10/12 days I couldn't lie comfortably in bed, spending all night in a chair watching all the crap on nightime TV. I was maximum dosing on paracetamol, plus a couple of nights took some stronger pills left over after I had extensive surgery several years ago. After 2 weeks I saw my doc, he thought it was some sort of virus. I asked him to do a blood test for Lymes. He said he didn't think it was Lymes but we'll do a test. Actually I agreed with him....the last time I knew I had been bitten by a tick was well over a year ago....probably over 2, and I had seen none of the classic symptoms that we all know about.

    Positive test....anti-biotics start tommorrow.

    If in doubt....ask for a test!

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    Just got tested for this last week, waiting for the results. You have to ask to be tested, it's not done routinely.


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    hope your treatment works ,must be one of the worst fears of most of us . good luck.

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    Good luck with it. It is serious. We have ticks galore in Perthshire. A friend came to stay and then went home to England. She had to go to three different doctors before they accepted it possibly could be lymes disease. Tested her and sure enough was. If in any doubt - push to get tested ASAP.

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    Bad luck - take the medicine and take plenty of rest. Focus on getting better, rather than trying to struggle on. It's a long haul but you do eventually come out the other side. It took about 18 months for me to get the all clear and then another 6 months to get any sort of fitness back, but three years on I am now pretty much back to normal.

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    that's no nice, hope you get well soon. I got my self a shirt and trousers from Darren from ROVENCE anti TICK. used them all stalking season and not a tick to be seen on me, they worked. but in my honest opinion it is the best on the market so far. the shirt is a very tight woven fabric and keeps the wind of braw the same with the trousers. he is a sd member. don't want to hi jack your thread just give you the heads up on this product. all the very best david

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    I had the test and it came back positive, my bloods went off for further testing and came back negative, my doc told me when it was tested positive it was a negative positive, the further testing came back negative but the doc said that doesnt mean I dont have lymes, its hard to diagnose, to my knowledge I havent been bitten,at least nowhere visable,doc also told me if i had been bitten 2 years ago it would have to he treated different, anti biotics are to treat it strait away, my symptoms persist and ive had every test possible and from a process of elimination ive been told ive got such a thing called fibromyalgia,its bloody miserable
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    I've had a couple of ticks in the last 2 days so they must be starting again with this nice weather. +1 for rovince gear, great stuff although i got lymes in november when it was cold. Not nice at all, the antibiotics can really knock you about as well, i was pretty rough with mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    my symptoms persist and ive had every test possible and from a process of elimination ive been told ive got such a thing called fibromyalgia,its bloody miserable
    It certainly is... my wife has it, it's a very mis-understood condition and it's taken me a while to accept that it's an actual illness and not just her being soft.
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