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Thread: Sticking together

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    Sticking together

    I was reading the topic on BASC/BDS and all the other organisations that exist to serve our needs and that of the countryside in general.

    The rallying call was we need to stick together or else....

    What else?

    You cannot have a handgun , not even if your are an olympic hopeful. We wont go into the reasons why because they are self evident.
    Gun crime problem has been solved at the stroke of a pen

    You wont be able to dock a working dog in Scotland.
    Again all dog related injuries sorted and humanity sleeps snug

    Oh and all these fecking toffs on horseback have been sorted out too just for good measure

    on to 2010.

    BASC deny any involvement with DMQ, DCS and the DI ect. The only bun fight is now with DCS to see who gets to run the latest wheeze. A deer controller register. Scotland will be first of course as DCS is being relegated to diddy status within the new Scottsh Natural Heritage, and nees to self fund to exist in the new super quango.
    Then with the DI ravenous for power it will become UK wide and who is the only organisation with the clout to do it. (answers on a post card).

    This is the joys of self regulation and quangos. they all vote for there selves. Lord Cullen stated that there should be a nationwide firearms register in 1997 and it has never been implemented because the powers that be cold not agree on the colour of S**T.

    Lets all vote for more of the same please. I think (insert swear word of your choice) NOT.

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    Statement that one shooting organisation would have stronger voice than several small ones is a MYTH. There is only one shooting organisation in Poland and all game shooters/deer stalkers have to be members of and you see exactly the same results as in the UK. More regulations and restrictions, and shortening list of species than can be shoot.

    In my opinion, in democracy general shooting ban is inevitable sooner or later. People just hate individuals having different interests and hobbies than the majority.


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    welcome to our country........

    it seems you have to be a lesbian vegetarian tree hugger nowadays to get anywhere.and as for BASC well they couldn't piss in a bowl without hitting there legs,all they want is your money where was they when the C.R.O.W. act was going through??????????? every other group was out shouting from the roof tops....

    I must admit that in France everyone belongs to one union and when they go on strike the police cant do anything as they are in the same union.
    We need a non profiting group that will cover insurance and have a big pair of chavs to turn around to government and say NO.
    But that's in a real world..........o well i spose i best pay my dues so they can drive around in big flash cars and spend there £40,000 a year wages for conning people like us.

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    What we need is an NRA in the UK similar to that in the USA.

    Sure it must provide jobs for the boys, sure it must cost to be a member and they must spend money on vehicles and premises BUT they do seem to have real clout, and have a voice that gets heard !!!

    In the UK we are a minority battered by a PC Parliament (English and Scottish) and fearful of futher EU regulation that will see an end to private firearms ownership possibly in our lifetimes !!

    What will we do about it.....nothing !! Bend over a take it !!!

    The writing is on the wall - BDS, DI, BASC, CA et al will all do nothing for the individual and separately are weak !!!

    Not a bright furture is it !!!

    Enjot iy while you can !!

    Happy New Year


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    Just what I was trying to say!, just not as clearly as that

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    League of Extraordinary gentlemen

    I agree with Lightyear and Finnbear, but when the biggest organisation has become a business working hand in hand with a left wing government
    what can you do?

    The large organisation for shooting wildfowl has become a frankenstein monster that needs money hand over fist just to keep standing still.

    That and the demographics of the UK as a whole means that some are left with very poor represention for their ££££.

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    So BASC is too expensive and what we really want is a unified organisation that will engage with government on our behalf. Maybe something like the public sector union ‘Unison’?

    The National Office of Statistics quotes the last declared median wage to be £489 per week. At that salary level Unison membership fees are £17.25 per month, or £207 per annum. As has been said on previous occasions, you get what you pay for, and on this comparison BASC at £64 per annum is an absolute bargain.

    Perhaps those who think otherwise would prefer to pay pro rata along the lines of trades unions? Equating the NGO’s membership of £30 per annum with Unison’s pro rata salary scale you would be earning less than £5k to get membership at that rate. BASC’s £64 would see you on a salary of between £5k and £8k. If you can afford to drive a 4x4, buy Austrian optics and Swedish rifles I doubt you are down there with the dispossesed.

    So you dump BASC for the NGO or some other group and save £34. That's less than £1 a week. What price unity?

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    There really is no need to argue, horses for courses.

    I seriously doubt there will ever be ‘one super org’ as I will bet a penny to a pinch of snuff there would be a break away group within 3 years!

    Lets face it, several of the orgs around today sprung up because they did not fee the existing associations were doing enough to represent them, SACS, NGO, BASA. SA trip off my tongue immediately, and I believe the SA have now given birth to yet another org who’s members did not agree on the SA’s stance on the 2101 Olympics.

    Last time I checked the way to get political influence was to work with the party that was in power as well as getting the same objective support from the other political parties, this has always been BASC’s strategy – its one of our key objectives – ‘Cross Party Support for Shooting’

    Anyway, most of the shooting organisations sit together under the umbrella of the British Shooting Sports Council anyway so there is an attempt for all to move forward in the same direction rather than tripping over each other!


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    This BASC thing is getting silly.

    DavidBASC open a topic and ask for the top ten things the guys on here are not happy with. It might decend into a rant as things do on here when folk hide behind aliases but nothing ventured.

    I am not a member of BASC I voted already (with my ££and my feet)

    So it is up to BASC members to have there say

    Like said on the other post, i will leave you to wallow in your magnificent achievements for the British shooting fraternity.


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    As a BASC member I regard them as an organisation representing live quarry shooters of various ilks, therefore I cannot see why there should be a link between BASC and Bisley?

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