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Thread: Remmy700 aka Grampian Guns, worth a read!

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    Remmy700 aka Grampian Guns, worth a read!

    I recently acquired a Hornady OAL gauge to aid in precisely calculating my seating depth.

    I struggled like hell to find a modified case in 270. Lots of suppliers were waiting for stock of them.

    I searched the SD for "modified case" and saw an old post from remmy700 aka Colin @ Grampian Guns. I sent him a PM and he kindly offered to ream out and thread my once fired brass.

    I sent him 3 different calibre cases, one in 243, 270 and 308. Within 2 days I had the cases back ready for use. What an amazingly quick turnaround and great service. So hats off to remmy700 for his great service.

    Also a testament to the Stalking Directory and the great old and new threads it can throw up.

    I am sure largely down to my precise seating depth off the lands, I was able to shoot a sub 1/2" group with my Tikka T3 lite in 270.

    I will post a photo of the target tomorrow. I am sure when I rezero, the "caorach target of a 1" black circle" should be achievable.

    So credit where credit is due. I say again hats off to Colin @ Grampian Guns.

    The Stalking Directory

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