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Thread: Yukon Photon Best IR performance and cost wise

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    Yukon Photon Best IR performance and cost wise

    Hi Guys

    any ideas on the best IR for the photon, there are stacks on the market, like trying to find the needle in a hay stack. Prices vary from 40 through to 140.

    Seen the videos on SC and others, still non the wiser

    Would like to to find a quality IR but which one, at a reasonable price ?


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    I use a NM400 and like it. Saying that people talk favourably of Markys IR torches that are significantly cheaper. The onboard laser is OK but gives a grainy picture so I use it as a backup only

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    Agreed. The NM400 works well. I tried the NM800 as well and found that it was too bright.


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    t20 ir type it into ebay, they are great

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    one t20 for sale in the advertisements,atb wayne
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    Hello, we have found NM800 a bit of overkill on the Photon as it doesnt need that much IR, however the NM400 or the T20 would be the ideal choice.

    For your info we are soon to be launching our own branded T20 called the Fox Fire T20-V which is variable power and a brand new 3 mode driver and includes a weaver mount.

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    mate I use a nm800 on mine does what it says on the box

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    Hello, i have one of Marky's T20 on mine and it totally transformed it, Good value too.

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    t20 excellent and good value

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    All you need on a photon really is a Nightmaster NM400 IR or for better mounting the Pulsar X850 IR. Yes you can use a NM800 IR on a photon but you will need to keep turning the power down to compensate for over exposure. A T20 can also be used and the new FOX FIRE T20-v. Again be mindful of turning the power of the IR down. Many people forget to do this and just assume that the photon quality is poor, when really it's the IR set too high power wise.

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