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Thread: Redding #2 or Lyman 500 scale?

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    Redding #2 or Lyman 500 scale?


    I'm wanting to upgrade from the Lee Safety Scale and have been looking at the Redding #2 or Lyman 500 scales. I'm hoping that these will be a bit more solid and accurate than the Lee version.

    Any recommendations which one I should go for?

    And, maybe more importantly, why?


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    lyman 500 are very very nice but then so are the redding
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    I bought a Lyman 500 a few years ago thinking I was buying a decent set of well made scales.
    I was in for a shock, so unless you think a set of scales should have a cheap moulded plastic base
    and so light they move around the bench in use, not to mention slow to stabilise on a reading, go
    with a nice set of RCBS 505's, they pop up second hand on here fairly regularly.


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