This is a quick easy one I make up with left over roast hauch. I tend to roast the hauch in orange juice, olive oil and plenty of butter with rosemary and seasoning, and I think the orange juice brings out the flavour in the risotto nicely. I'm sure you could make it just as well with any left over venison.

Lightly fry/sweat an onion in butter, clove of garlic and mushrooms to add to the risotto.

Using stock from the roast I add thyme, sage and a bit of bay and simmer for long enough to bring out the flavour, then remove them.

Add diced or shredded venison and arborio rice to the onion/mushrooms and stir in for 20 seconds or so on a medium heat. You can add a splash of white wine at this stage if you have any and evaporate off.

Add the stock gradually to the rice and stir in ladle at a time until it reaches a creamy consistency and softens (20-30 mins).

Crumble in blue cheese - I much prefer LOADS of lidl gorgonzola, but I'm sure stilton or whatever would be fine.

Stir and serve a horrendously fattening but very filling lunch. Perfect for winter.