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Thread: So, in case you're interested, these DL1 and DL2 bullets...

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    So, in case you're interested, these DL1 and DL2 bullets...

    I've decided to start a new thread derived from my previous one about starting reloading, in which I controversially mentioned my intention to go off-piste and try and develop a load for these French DL1 bullets that I'd heard very good things about. Since then, I've done a little more research into what these things are and where they come from. In France, they're exclusively used by a company called Freyr Munitions, but I discovered that DL stands for "Degol", or Mr Wim Degol, who manufactures custom bullets outside Liege/Leuwen. It turns out that these are also available from a company called Johannsen in Germany, and they're not so cagey about the details. So here they are for anyone who may be interested:

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    Given that Mssrs Freyr weren't particularly helpful, and then turned weirdly secretive about everything, I've contacted Degol directly, so we'll see what they say.

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    What is so good about these bullets??

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    They're probably not significantly better than any other ones in practice, it's just that if I'm going to go to the trouble of loading my own rounds, I thought I'd try something a bit different. Also, since getting hold of any bullets in London is a pain, and having them posted is stupidly expensive, whilst at the same time you can have them delivered to your door from overseas (absurd, but true), I thought I'd cast my supply net wider. These came thoroughly recommended by lots of people in France.

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    thats the fun of reloading.....

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    They seem very expensive. You can get Nosler cheaper in the UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbeech View Post
    They seem very expensive. You can get Nosler cheaper in the UK
    Probably, yes. Somewhere. Maybe not that easily in London. But it doesn't really matter though because I use maybe half a dozen rounds a year in the field, the rest is all practice at the range, for which I'm developing an equivalent cheapo FMJ round. Say I need 30 bullets for load development, after that I'd still have enough left for three or four years of stalking.

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