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Thread: Best DSC1 providers around Glos/Oxon

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    Best DSC1 providers around Glos/Oxon


    I am just getting started with stalking after doing a lot of other forms of shooting for a few years. I am want to take my DSC1 to support the modification to my FAC and in order to learn more about the craft. As the course is expensive I thought it would be a good idea to find out if all courses are the same, or if some providers do a better job.
    I am based in Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire, so the nearest places would be-

    BDS in Cirencester
    BASC in Andover
    Wiltshire College in Lackham
    Hampshire Deer Centre if they do one in Winchester

    A bit further afield, requiring accommodation-
    BASC in Thetford
    UK Deer Management Services in Somerset

    The one in Cirencester would probably be most convenient.

    If anyone has any feedback on the above courses/providers it would be much appreciated. And to check, does the course fee (250-300) include all training material you need?


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    Sparsholt College just outside Winchester. Did mine there at the same time as Tartinjock...

    I had a good time and felt they did a good job.

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    I forgot to say, yes the fee included the manual which they sent me after I'd bought my own copy. D'oh! I did sell the extra copy here on the classifieds though.

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    I am from Oxford and did the course at Cirencester in early Nov 2009 and think it was well run and I certainly benefitted from doing it. Also it had come recommended by a few friends. The only pain is that the range is a slight trek (just over the Severn bridge in Wales) and is generally pretty cold, wet and windswept. It was just a bit wet when I did mine!

    Cost is all inclusive. Quite a bit of money, but not really expensive if you consider the number of days instruction, facilities use, etc..

    Hope you enjoy it


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    UK Deer services in 2007.
    Three day course.
    Days 1 & 2: going through each question in the manual discussing the various answers and any other comments that arose. A Practice test on the range and a deer ID screen test.
    Day 3: Tests in the classroom and on the range.
    Cost 300 plus manual 20 plus ammunition at 1 each.
    The course was designed to help you to pass DSC1 not to become a competent stalker.
    It was classroom exercise and when I got my rifle I asked experienced stalkers what I was not sure of, which was quite a lot.
    I am not impressed by DSC1, the course objectives were quite correct: to pass DSC1.

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    i got into stalking after other shooting interests and done dsc1 at cirencester/bds, really pleased i did and highly recommend them, sb

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    Thanks for all your comments so far, it's good to hear from some people who've been on the courses local to me, and also to hear about other locations I could go to.

    Ultimately I am taking the course to pass so I can waive my certificate at the Police when I apply for a modification to my FAC. I do appreciate that it is limited in scope and is only the beginning of a long road of learning (the remainder of which needs to be done in the field!). That being said if there's a course out there which gives you a bit more know-how than the syllabus requires, I'm keen to hear of it.

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    Hi Oliver good to see you on here.

    I've heard good things about Reeves at Aylesbury, speak to Simon Freedman.


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    If you can make it to Bucks,

    I did mine with Reeves (Bishopstone) very very good and especially good as we had Peter Watson on site (Deer inititate, DMQ, Barony College)

    Met some now life long friends and had a wonderful couple of days soaking up the information that wasn't in the test from Simon and Peter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Rob
    Hi Oliver good to see you on here.

    I've heard good things about Reeves at Aylesbury, speak to Simon Freedman.

    Oh hello there Chris! The world of shooting forums is a small one!

    Thanks for recommending Reeves. Aylesbury would be very convenient for me, I think I'll pop over and have a chat with them.

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