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Thread: Petition - not stalking related

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    Petition - not stalking related

    I probably haven't linked this properly but it's something that just came through as an email from a mate.

    No need for comments or opinions, if you agree then sign, if not thats fine. Admin, if you think this is inappropriate then please delete. JC

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    Thanks for the info about this as My eldest Son is about to return to Afganistan for his 3 rd tour, and my newphew is going for the 4th time. I thought that it was only right to show support for the Brave and Noble people of Wotton Bassett.

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    I think we all know what the public opinion is.

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    If these people hate us so much why don't they leave
    or at the very least we should stop all their benefits


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    these people live on benefit in houses worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and wont work or pay any taxes for the rest of there lives they treat the rest of us as mugs
    atb tom

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