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Thread: 30 06 resize too 270 win

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    30 06 resize too 270 win

    Can I run 30 06 lapua brass through a .270win full length resizing die and use them in my .270? Has anyone tried it and had success or problems.
    I'm struggling to find any new Norma brass hence the reason for asking.

    Thanks in advance


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    Why particularly Norma? I am sure that there is no shortage of good .270w cases available. I can't say that I have ever heard of anyone reforming .30-06 cases into .270w. I'm not sure if it is possible but my first thoughts are that the cases would be slightly too short.

    P.S. I've just had a look on the internet and it is possible and done regularly by a few. As I though you will land up with a shorter than normal neck Also you may need to thin the necks as it can result in thickening of the case neck.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Yes, you can form .270 Winchester from .30-06 brass, but be aware that it will be a little short, and there will be some thickening of the neck walls, which can elevate pressure just a bit, so don't drop a hot load from an old recipe in it for starters. Lots of reloaders did this in the early days of the .270, during the Great Depression.

    The .270 Winchester is based off the .30-03 US Government cartridge, for the 1903 Springfield rifle, the predecessor of the .30-06.
    Likewise, so is the .280 Remington.

    .30-06 case length 2.494 in (63.3 mm) COAL = 3.34 inches
    .270 Winchester case 2.540 in (64.5 mm) COAL = 3.34 inches
    .30-03 US case length 2.540 in (64.5 mm) COAL = 3.34 inches
    .280 Rem case length 2.540 in (64.5 mm) COAL = 3.33 inches
    .35 Whelen Case length 2.494 in (63.3 mm) COAL = 3.34 inches

    If you form .35 Whelen off a .30-06, you will be about 0.005 inches short sometimes, so form it from .270 Win.

    Likewise, you can form .30-03 from .270 Winchester. That is what I do. Length is perfect.
    You cannot form .30-03 from .35 Whelen so easily, and you get neck problems. From .270 Win, it is a breeze.

    For more trivia, you can form 8x60 and 8x60S Mauser from .30-06, with just a wee trimming.
    German snipers using the 8x60S did that in WWII.
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    i do it the other way round using 270- to make 30-06 ,and they do need trimming quite a bit.

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    I have never, unless the case is so drastically reformed as to look vastly different, been a fan of this make do and muddle through approach to penny piching savings on cartrdige cases. I'd just sell the 30-06 cases and buy 270 cases.

    It also poses theoretical problems if you have an inexperienced FEO do a check and you've 30-06 heastamp brass in a cabinet with an authority for every other calibre but. And if you do have a 30-06 authority using so headstamped brass for a similar looking calbire is folly.

    8x60S from 30-06. Been there and done it. Works very well.

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    So you have also made 8x60S from .30-06?!! I had to do that, until I found a box offifty 8x60S brass for $24.00 US. I will have to start a new thread so we can swap loads. These rifles have stories to tell.

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    there is a guy on here with 300 once fired factory norma brass that he has had for sale for donkeys

    once fired norma brass will offer you no issues compared to new.
    IMO it is THE brass to get for long life and multi firings

    my norma .270 brass is up around 8-10 firings now with zero issues

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    So you have also made 8x60S from .30-06?!
    Yes. Just take out the expander plug, as you know, and ran them through an RCBS 8x60S die and then trim. But soon after I got a large quantity of Privi Partisan 8x60S cases in France, new, so they became the cartridge case of choice. Rifle, dies and cases now long gone. But I got best performance with double base powders.

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    I also found a box of Prvi brass, and have been loading that. So far, my best loads have been with IMR 4064 under 195 / 196 / 200 grain bullets. I am starting to get the 170-gr Hornady to shoot well by stepping up the velocity. Many 8mm bullets are just hard to find right now.

    I should start a new thread on the 8x60 and ask you for some loads that worked for you and othes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy 84 View Post
    Can I run 30 06 lapua brass through a .270win full length resizing die and use them in my .270?
    As you can see the world will cease to spin and we'll all fall off...

    Just try one, check the length, and seat a bullet in an empty case.
    As long as the diameter is no bigger than a standard factory round you should be ok.
    I occasionally do it around the other way just to stop the planet's rotation and I've not been able to measure any neck diameter issues (I expected a reduction but nothing seen...) and they shoot well enough.

    One the subject of "Inexperienced FEO" then they'll have a lot of issues to grow up over such as 22BR formed from 6mm BR and a few dozen others like the 17AH from 22 Hornet cases...

    You'll find the world does not end...

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