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Thread: Defra list Wild Boar as a 'threat'

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    Defra list Wild Boar as a 'threat'

    .............. to indigenous animals apparently!

    "The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has placed the animals on a list of 63 non-native species which should not be introduced into the wild due to the threat they pose to indigenous animals."

    Which seems to slightly override what they said less than two years ago:

    “It is important that communities and land owners are allowed to decide the future of their wild boar populations based on their local situation. The Government’s support will help them make the right decisions for where they live."

    I wonder what 'indigenous animals' they pose a threat to and who's pulling their chain?

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    I always thought that we had boar present in the U.K in times past, but now they are non-indigenous aparently and must not be introduced. Sounds fishy to me.
    Playing devils advocate though, I believe that the northern Scandinavians regret the expansion of boar due to the detrimental affect on ground nesting birds including Blackcock and Caper'.
    Having spent a lot of time and money on my place to encourage biodiversity I would not be too pleased if they were to accidentally arrive near my land.

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