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    If you had a permission about 250-300 acres what would be a healthy number of roe in that patch please,
    i looked at a permission today i spotted
    2 nice 6 point roe still in velvet
    1x 4 pointer in hard antler nicely browned up
    and a button buck
    several does and fawns im guessing maybe 8 in total does and fawns
    i don't realy want to touch the big bucks and im asking the neighbours to hopefully leave alone aswell but id like opinions is the ground holding to many for the acreage or about right
    kind regards

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    good luck with your neighbours leaving the deer alone, around here as soon as they jump the boundary they get nailed !!!!!!

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    The neighbours on both sides have large acerage as in i mean 1000s of acres so they have fallow roe and a few munties so i don't think ill have much of a problem there to be honest mind id like to get more fallow and munties on the ground
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    It depends on the amount of woodland on the area you are being offered, on the acerage you spare talking about if just arable the deer will be moving between propertys, why ate you worrying about big bucks it should be deer numbers, heads have nothing to do with deer quality in my opinion more to do with the amount of quality food. but I am only a amature so may be wrong.

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    In VERY simple terms you could have 6 to 8 pairs on ground that side if the feed is decent (and then their young).

    I have 300 acres of good woodland and it seems to maintain 20-30 roe with no problem year on year with me culling 10-12 deer each year for the last 5 years.

    If your neighbours have a lot of deer then you could actually afford to hit your bit harder and it will repopulate, not popular view I guess but it is reality.

    From the numbers you describe you have neither too few nor too many so why not aim to cull 50% of what you believe your population is and see how that goes? I would also suggest you take animals randomly ie a true cross section of population rather than tracking big or small specifically. Remember roe push out thier young in May/June so you should at least look at a maintenance cull (numbers only ie shoot the number of deer that you believe equates to the number of young, more or less, DONT only shoot youngsters) as these deer will be lost to you and someone else will more than likely shoot them. If you shoot a few it makes space for some of these youngsters to prosper or for "better" deer to move in and in turn push them out.

    At least you should get the status quo. If you dont go daft and the neighbours do deer will move in to yours anyway, they are not stupid.

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    One of my permissions you can regularly see 5-6 roe but that's only feeding on the fields. Not long after first light they are back over the fence into the neighbouring woodland

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