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Thread: No sizes in titles clothing and footwear

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    No sizes in titles clothing and footwear

    I've noticed that the majority of ads in the clothing classifieds do not have any sizes mentioned in the title. It's a right royal pain in the erse having to troll through them all for a particular size. Just saying, there is an easier way.


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    I'm not sure that there's any point searching for a certain size. Never seen anything small enough for me, so gave up looking.

    They're usually 'XL' or 'XXL' outgrown by the wearer moving up to XXXL. Fatties getting fatter. .
    It's a national crisis apparently.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    It would also help if clothing manufacturers would get together and work out some standard sizes, so when you know what it says on the label, you've got an idea if it could just possibly be your size. I don't mean British, USA or European marks, but the actual sizing. Seeing as a lot of clothing is bought mail order these days. XXL on some labels is good for Billy Smart and from others, The Borrowers.

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    Fair points. I think if folks put the size in the title it would at least help filter out sizes that would definitely not fit rather than trudging through all the small and medium if you're looking for an XXL.

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