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    Post Hello all

    I just wanted to introduce myself:

    My name's Dave, I live in Manchester (though only for another year or so) after many years Teaching and working in the electronics industry, I decided to retrain into countryside!

    I am 31 and am on the Game Management course at Reasheath college, Cheshire. This is a new sector for me & so far I am loving it... completely different to office based work. I am interested in the Deer Management side of game keeping & am hoping to get work experience soon with college in this area.
    I have lived in the east midlands all my life until 2 years ago, when I moved with my family to Manchester.

    I'm sure you will see plenty of posts from me in the future! especially regarding getting more experience and opportunities!



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    Welcome to the site Dave - Reaseheath College looks really good, I was checking out their website recently as I'm applying for a job up there!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Tthank you for your warm welcomes
    Having been to and worked in many educational establishments, Reaseheath has a lot to be proud of! (although I am yet to sample other agri-colleges) the tuition is top-notch! As I am new to the sector I need to network all over again! all my contacts are in the electronics industry!

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