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Thread: Renting Larder/Chiller Space

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    Renting Larder/Chiller Space

    This is probably a question for the folks who's stalking is miles away from where they live. I was talking to a friend the other day about how to overcome the problem of storing any deer carcasses whilst away for a few days stalking when you don't have direct access to a larder. I was wondering if anyone has ever contacted a local game dealer and made use of their facilities to store before transporting home. I thought I'd ask the question here to find out if there is any legal/practical reasons that would make it unfeasible before I started phoning round.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just a thought but what about a chiller trailer? Was one for sale on here a while ago.....

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    I'm not sure i see any reason not to. I mean you can take animals to a slaughterhouse and they "store" them for you until they have been suitably hung. As long as the dealer has suitable facilities, i see no reason why they couldn't do it. Not saying they would do it though, i think that would depend upon the dealer.

    As for how much they would charge...who knows.

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    i have a funny feeling that it would be frowned upon by the EHO's and I say that because a local butcher to me lost all of his hygiene points just for holding someone else's frozen meat in his freezer.


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    I have a chill area and the game dealer just lifts every thing and did when I had a chaps deer in it.So sadly I will not be doing that again.

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    Thanks for the feedback gents! The trailer option would be low down my list - purely down to my success rate and the distance of the land from home. I would be surprised that holding a carcass from a trained hunter would have an impact on a dealers licence when I would have assumed many of their carcasses come from trained hunters - but that's something to look into and bear in mind before contacting anyone I suppose.

    6pointer - ouch - I can see why that would be a perfectly good reason for not lending out any larder space.

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