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Thread: Carbon Fibre Christensen Arms Rifles

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    Carbon Fibre Christensen Arms Rifles

    Just saw the March copy of Shooting Sports and read the article on Christensen Arms all carbon tactical rifles ( I want One)

    Has anyone seen or had any experience with one. There only 4K mind you !!

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    I've had the 308 demo. rifle to try out. Incedibly accurate, deceptively light to carry - but can't understand where the recoils gone!. The Laws of physics cannot be ignored, but shooting it with 160gn factory ammo was amazing. Felt recoil was less than my .243 - which also wears a TET mod: so is it the 'new' mod - or the rifle design?.
    Dunno - but I've got mine on order (LH 18" .308).

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    If they made them in a .204 id buy one tomorrow.

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    took a client out with a christensen blazer r93 in .308 , very light very quite but most of all very accurate
    regards andy

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    They're absolutely fantastic. The carbon fibre stocks are the best I have seen and the whole package is remarkably light. As already stated they somehow manage to defy physics and the felt recoil appears to be less than a heavier rifle. Beautifully made and as accurate as they come. I'd like one very much.

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    Fired one in .30'06 and quite liked it.

    Got to be careful with the barrels mind, they turn the steel barrel down so far that excess firing can cook them a bit, despite the propaganda about the CF wrap dissipating the heat.

    As for toughness.....

    And accuracy:

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    I had one in .300 RUM. Sold to an SD member. I did not rate the stock at all, flimsy with shocking bedding. Shot it once with its original stock and then dropped it into a KKC stock. Bottom metal was very poor for an expensive rifle so changed that as well when re stocked. Would I have another….. Nope.

    For 4K you could have a custom rifle made with a much better stock and a carbon wrapped barrel.



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    You can buy the stocks from here just down the road from me they are very light and gorgeous to look at

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