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Thread: S & B longrange varmint 4-16x50 scope

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    S & B longrange varmint 4-16x50 scope

    As per title
    Awesome scope crystal clear optics as would be expected.
    Great condition just very minor scratches on turret caps.
    Comes with Varmint reticle & standard turrets.
    Made enquiries into getting BDC turrets retro-fitted by S&B they quoted me 134 plus freight per turret which I think is quite reasonable.
    I bought this scope recently to " fill in" for a scope I had back ordered and now it has arrived I no longer have any use for it.
    It is actually a lot clearer than my new scope but unfortunately I really need illumination and target turrets. Priced to sell 700 including postage

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    yes please has it side parallax if so i will

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    BUMP for a good buy for someone.

    Curious what you replaced it with?

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    If I told you you'd just laugh!
    Give ya a clue.... It starts with V and it's not a vagina... Yes you guessed it a Vortex PST 4-16x50
    been waiting 3 months for it to arrive! "So popular they are"
    Really happy with it so far just so many great features pity they don't use German glass would be my only gripe! But for the money unbeatable!

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    That scope is in good nick, it was only a week ago I was looking through it well I was checking out the new rifle it was sat on really . Bargain buy for someone.

    Glad your new "Vagtex" arrived

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    have pm'ed you kiwi keeper i hope

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    Sold pending funds to wiggy68. Out with the Vagtex tonight for a baptism of fire!

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    Vagtex - ha ha!!

    Good shooting tonight, i'm sure it'll do you just fine.

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