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Thread: The three musketeers

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    The three musketeers

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ID:	3891119258.The three musketeers
    Saturday 1 march fallow cull
    John from Ivybridge called to ask if I would take three nice guys to shoot, cull Fallow. They had been on the range the night before so guns ready.
    We met at 5.30am. I had already been looking about with the night vision camera to see where the deer were.
    Dave decided to take first place, the golf Course driving range. I had been there and said “ there must be at least 35 near the woods. You will have to stalk the long way around, work the wind from the north side. Crawl across the field as the light is breaking”.
    Tom is going to a place called Big Cann Down. He had a choice of 5 seats there.
    Gary decided he was going to come with me and go drive /walk about. So off we all went.
    Dave’s stalk
    He stalked as I said, it was still dark so he got near to the spot and waited for the light. The wind direction good and the gun was loaded. He peeped over the brow, couldn’t believe his eyes, thought he had gone to heaven or was he was in a deer park? 80 Fallow were happily feeding only 150 yards from him. He was in open ground and could not get enough height for a shot. The grass was soaking but the only option was to crawl 20 yards over the brow. So slowly he inched forward . If you have stalked fallow Does, you will know how hard that was. Carefully he got the bipod open the heart was now going like a train at full speed. After several stops to take a breath, he’s on a mature fallow Doe on her own looking away. He carefully gets the cross hairs on the back of the head and gently squeezed the trigger. Pop, no doubt about that sound, down she went. He was so excited that he didn’t think about a second shot. He then text me to say success, and went and bled the deer.
    Tom ‘s stalk
    He went with me and was a bit nervous having a guide with him. I helped him to relax with a few jokes! The first place we stopped we could see 9 Fallow down the bottom of a long field with a road on one side. I said we can stalk them from the other side of the field where the wind was good. We drove down to the other end and parked up, got ready and off we went. We used a hedge to cover us. We got to a high seat, but no way could we climb it as the deer were looking all over for danger, they were 140 yards away. I indicated to move onto the hedge and shoot one. We were on low ground and could feel no wind and it was very quiet. He slowly crawled onto the hedge. By now the deer were grazing away, and were now 160 yards . His heart was now going and breathing in gasps. I don’t know how many times he put the catch on and off. At one point he almost wished they would run off so he wouldn’t be able to mess it up! He then calmed down, got the cross on the heart , seconds later, bang . All nine ran towards us. Then 8 ran up the field butone stood in front of us 130 yards away. As he reloaded, it fell over . I then said take another, up with the scope, seen a doe standing broadside looking good, squeeze, bang and over she went. He loaded again, she picked her head up and that was the last movement. We watch for a while ready if any attempt to get up but no movement. We walked up checked the eye and no blink. I shook his hand and he was still shaking at that point. If carlsberg did stalking…….
    Gary’s stalk
    Did not see anything on his first stalk. Another chance later in the day!
    We collected all three deer. The musketeers had done a lot of shooting in the past and a bit of stalking but this was different. Therefore I did a gralloch demonstration and pointed out all the lymph glands. Dave and Tom then copied, with me watching (they did an excellent job)
    I had some work to do on site, so met up again 3.30. We had a safety chat and all areas allocated for the second stalk.
    Garys second stalk
    Just before dark within last shot time. Gary decides to go a walk in his area. There he saw 30 fallow down a valley. He got down on the ground, put the crosshairs on a pricket, bang, a head shot! the others did a shuffle, he re loaded, bang, down goes another. One head shot one heart shot. I watched them gralloch them . Then back to the larder to record and tag . They enjoyed the day, Five deer!. 3 very happy “musketeers”. woodfordfallow
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    Well done!
    A nice write up about some cracking Waidmannsheil of your team....


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Very nicely done!

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    Well done lads , good reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsa View Post
    Well done lads , good reading.
    Do you remember your day out with me a couple of years ago. regards

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    Great write up brian. Makes my heart flutter just like on the day.
    would like to thank you from tom and gary aslo for what was a cracking day. We would all love to come back again as soon as we can.
    thanks for showing us that special gralloch technique also.that will save loads of time in the future.
    I reckon infive hours I saw over 170 fallow and that one group of 70-80 will stay in my head forever.
    Your a top bloke with true proffesional standard.
    Cheers brian
    all the best with the rest of your cull.hope to see you soon....

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