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Thread: Licence refusal

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    Licence refusal

    Anyone no rough figures it is to appeal a refusal in scotland and any good solicitors you guys can reccomend for this sort of thing Basc is useless no help what so ever

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    Heard good things about this guy but luckily never needed his services myself
    not local to you but might be worth a call if only to get a bit of free advice over the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxinmad View Post
    +1 for sacs

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    David McKie at Levy and McRae in Glasgow is the boy to sort things. It'll cost you a bob or two but he knows the score and gets the job done. I believe he is the SGA and SCTA solicitor as well.

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    There's a boy I'll be seeing in the morning who had personal experience and I can ask him what sort of costs he's talking about. I'll PM them to you.
    Suffice to say he has his guns!

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    Thanks if you can get a idea on the price roughly thanks

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    Spoke to sacs and will join but he can't help this time

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    Are we allowed to ask what the reasons for refusal were?
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    Medical reasons mate but it was over 5 yrs ago

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