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Thread: Rifled slugs v double rifle

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    Rifled slugs v double rifle

    Hi all,
    I put this question in general discusion then in wild boar. Didn't get much back, so I thought I'd try here:-

    I have the chance to shoot boar in a wooded mountainous area, so ranges will be sub 100m mostly less than 50m. My options are to buy a cheap iron sight double rifle, perhaps a Baikal. Alternatively I could use a Brenneke type slug in a shotgun.

    I'm looking for some advice from someone who has used rifled slugs in a smooth barrel. What level of accuracy can I expect, and over what range? Is there a recoil issue?

    Regarding the Double rifle, has anyone here used or owned a Baikal double rifle? Opinions on accuracy and reliability of the regulating system, would be most helpful.

    I own a 7x64 Sauer 202, but I want a very cheap alternative as it will most likely end up being dropped, sat on, or used to beat a path, before I actually shoot with it.

    I look forward to reading your words of wisdom.


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    A couple of my mates had Mossberg slugsters and reckoned they could do 8" groups at 100 yrds with them.

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    They are really two totally different things IMHO. One is a rifle that just happens to have a second barrel alongside the other and the next is a means to extend the range of a shot gun beyond that at which pattern with "shot" fails.

    A smooth bore using slug is not a double rifle substitute. It has neither the energy nor the accuracy compared to even a relatively "light" double rifle calibre such as 7x57R or 30 Blaser. NOR MOST IMPORTANTLY DECENT SIGHTS TO ACCURATELY PLACE THE PROJECTILE ON THE TARGET AT A DEFINED POINT OF AIM.

    The sole exceptions might be paradox or fauneta gun, or a smooth bore regulated for slug with proper sights. The Hungarian FEG Police Gun for example. But even these are merely a modified shot gun with a slightly greater accuracy potential. AND AT LEAST SIGHTS SO THAT THE SLUG CAN BE PLACED ACCURATELY ON THE TARGET AT A POINT OF AIM.

    Totally different from a true 12 bore RIFLE (of which such things did once exist). These are accurate. But these are rifles that were measured by the "bore" system and not shot guns.

    So my response would be are you going to shoot winged game or hares where you are carrying a shot gun and might just come across a boar as a target of chance?

    Or are you out and out stalking boar and no other thing except maybe cloven game?

    If it is the first then the slug discussion is relevant. If it is the second then a good reliable bolt action (that you spend time on reloading drills with dummy cartridges) will beat any slug shooting smooth bore.

    It has to. It has the better sights!

    On the continent of course where commonsense and not the nonsense of Mrs Thatcher holds sway then they have pump action and self-loading rifles. We don't.

    So either practice with your bolt action or buy a lever action in a true powerful rifle calibre!

    I've used slug and there's not much except to try various varieties to the individual gun. The FEG Police Gun would shoot BOTH barrels into four inches at fifty yards from memory.

    And do you really use your gun as a beater's stick to knock your way through the woods?

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    If you want to know about the Baikal double rifle then talk to Lewis Potter of Potter and Walker as he had one for a while on test. I have always found Lewis to be honest so give him a call, the one he was playing with was 30-06, and he will tell you how it went.

    Oh what you consider very cheap others might not think or it that way. Now I don't know what neck of the woods your in but F.A Anderson of East Grinstead in Sussex had an Italian O/U double rifle brand new that I seem to recall was in 8x57mm and about 1500. I saw it a while ago when in there but it was not on the rack downstairs so they might still have it. I prefer the SxS in doubles one day ........... one day

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    THis is what I use for dangerous game in close quarters out to 50M. IT's a Savage Fox Model B 12 gauge that someone had shortened before I ran into it. I intstalled Remmy sights and it will shoot either barrel to Point of Aim at 50M and keep all slugs inside a 4" circle. I once build two guns identical to this for Game officers of an Indian tribe in South Dakota for bison managment. They use them with great success on 1000 pound wild bison that get off the range and into the forest.

    I would tackle a boar with this gun, any day, but I wouldn't shoot past 50M. Not with the short sight radius. I have no complaint about accuracy. ~Muir

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    If I am not mistaken Muir my man, that is the gun we were using on the range, and if it is I managed to hit a bowling pin at 100 yards with the left barrel and missed by four inches or so with the right barrel. I would not hesitate to use that beast on boar in what could be considered typical woodland ranges, i.e. 50-75 yards.


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    Would suggest the 7x64 Sauer 202 loaded with heavy bullets - ie the RWS 162 or 175 gn bullets would be more than enough for Boar - and it is a rifle that you already know and first shot accuracy is always the most important.

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    Hey fella's, what lever action would be suitable for Boar, as to calibre/sights, etc, with a view to use here in UK as well as abroad?. Steve.

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    I would not entertain a double shotgun with slugs for boar, unless you could guarantee ranges under 20m.

    The best option might be something like a benelli auto with a rifle sighted barrel and a rifle choke tube. I don't know what the attitude of your local cops would be to such a beast, I assume it would need to be held on an FAC. I know here in NI where shotguns are held on an FAC they will license this and slugs for travelling boar hunters.

    If you are using your rifle, I would say go for the heaviest bullet you can load in your calibre in a round nose. You do not need high velocity, just a big slug at 2500 FPS.

    The real answer is the 9.3x62.

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    I use a Remington 870 Wingmaster for boar when hunting the kopov. It groups 2" at 50 mtrs . Good weapon when up close and personal.
    But if i was going boar shooting and had your Sauer i would use that. As Heym SR20 said heavy bullet and plenty of practice on the range on a moving target.

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