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Thread: Binocular Help... Vortex or Nikon?

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    Binocular Help... Vortex or Nikon?

    Good evening, I am having a hard time deciding what Binoculars to buy. I want to use them for stalking and general rough shooting. I am limited budget wise and so am not interested in binoculars with a large price tag. I am aiming to spend no more than 150 and have narrowed it down so far to Vortex Crossfire II 8x42 and Nikon Prostaff 7 8x42.

    the vortex has a lifetime unconditional warranty which is a massive plus. I have not used either and really would appreciate any comments you may have and advice on magnification etc.

    Kind Regards


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    Thanks for your reply, not sure the need for sarcasm is really required. I have seen both of these posts neither of which refer to the vortex particularly.

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    In the first link provided above I mention the Vortex Diamondback bins for 144 from Amazon: Alternative for Swarovski and Zeiss binoculars. - Page 7

    Having used Vortex Crossfire and Diamondback rifle scopes I'd not be in any particular hurry to buy anything in the Crossfire range. Diamondback rifle scopes are outstanding though and a realistic low cost alternative to bigger name scopes.

    If the bins follow the same general performance they may well be worth a look.

    The only Nikon bins I've used were from the Monarch range and they were very, very nice indeed.

    If you want a known quantity in this price bracket then Minox is probably the most solid bet - I'm looking at the Vortex Diamondback bins though on the basis that they will make a good pair for the car if they turn out to be a dog in low light.

    I know the bins are different to the scopes but the Vortex Diamondback scopes manage to trump the Nikon Prostaff scopes in low light. They aren't as good as Monarch scopes but then they don't cost Monarch money either.

    I have several Nikon Prostaff scopes and two Vortex Diamondbacks and altough I prefer the Prostaff BDC ret there's no denying the better low light performance of the Vortex Diamondback. Hopefully that will also apply to the bins...

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    Thank you very much for that. I think I will definitely be getting a pair of vortex

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    I checked out Diamond back and Vulture, saved a few more pennies and Vultures it had to be! If you gaff up the Nikkon's and fork out again your gonna wish youd bought the better model of Vortex and enjoyed the warranty that comes with them....? Let us know what you settled on.
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    I have owned and used vortex viper bins and diamondback scope and both were excellent I upgraded for an s b klassic that was not an upgrade the viper bins are very very good
    The lad who picks up on our shoot has some top of the range nikon that cost the same as Swaro and Ziess and to my eyes they are the best I have looked through, however not tested at first last light

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    i got a pair of these at a knock down price 150 off ,and very happy with them

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    Not either of the two you are looking at but I recently bought a pair of Minox after recommendations on this sight and I cannot fault them.

    A shooting mate has just bought a pair of Opticrons for the same money and they are on a par with the Minox - its hard to compare directly as he bought 8x42 and I have 10x42.

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    In that price range definetaly MINOX

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