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Thread: front sight removal before screw cutting and pref barrel length for .270 help

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    front sight removal before screw cutting and pref barrel length for .270 help

    I am about to get my brno zkk 600 screw cut it has a 23 inch barrel...The problem is the front sight is on a barrel band and i think its braised on and im worried that the smith will have to cut it back past the site and remove a little to much of the length of the barrel...Has anyone ever worked on a brno and removed the sight so the screw cut will not mean a loss in 2 inches....what would the recomended lengh be for a .270.??? Cheers

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    I believe this model which is now something of an old-timer has a 60cm barrel.

    If it looks like the model in the link below the depth of the foresight band is narrow, so I'm thinking it'll end up around 57cm/22" after the hacksaw work. It'll then be the standard USA barrel length for the .270.

    The foresight assembly is pretty ugly so this is one instance when removal might be an improvement .... before it's again disfigured by a moderator.
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    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Every C/F Brno or CZ I have seen has a removable front sight.
    Usually it's just slide the hood off, depress a pin and slide the blade off the front.
    Underneath is a screw, undo that and off comes the sight.
    However if it is mounted to a band that is braised/soldered on then it should be easy enough to just
    turn the diameter down while it's in the lathe, and then thread in the normal way.


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    Well the old timmer as it was called although it is 37 years old has a nice screw cut from borders gun room only took 1 hour and cost 60... as for the front sight that had a barrel band...a little heat and off it up re black the barrel and a nice light slim moderator...
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    If its the type of foresight with a band beneath it will be soldered on - apply judicious heat and tap off if you don't want to lose barrel length.

    Personally id just cut it behind the band and start afresh.

    The rifle will be unbalanced and look way too long without doing this….

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    Any one ever used as adverised in thinking of giving it a try on the barrel..
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