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Thread: Six Nations BBC advert (England)

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    Six Nations BBC advert (England)


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    Hi mate if you look that was an advert that BBC Wales didnt run for last years six nations.

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    Ha Ha.... Roll on 14.30hrs tomorrow...

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    after about 6 complaints this years advert has beem pulled by the bbc. tossers frankly

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    It's such a shame isn't it. Rugby fans go to watch rugby! Yes we have our National teams which we're passionate about but we all mix together at the ground without issues. I thought that advert was well funny, it's true after all but it's banter... I bet the complaints were from individuals that don't even watch rugby...

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    I enjoy the banter when we are playing England more than any other team. I have always felt safe at a rugby match I have even been to internationals with my 9 year old daughter. Good atmosphere before during and after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by multiman View Post
    I enjoy the banter when we are playing England more than any other team. I have always felt safe at a rugby match I have even been to internationals with my 9 year old daughter. Good atmosphere before during and after.
    Totally agree with you, I went to the england ireland match two weeks ago, good banter, great atmosphere and a totally safe event with no crowd segregation. regards sbm.

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    I go to international matches at Twickenham regularly. Never had, nor seen any trouble whatsoever. Once got a couple of tickets to watch them play South Africa in 2002, one of the autumn internationals before the World Cup that England won. South Africa were desperate to have a good showing and things got pretty intense on the pitch, a blatant and obvious late tackle on Jonny Wilkinson starting things off well.

    I was there with my 10 year old son and the tickets we got were two that had been returned having been corporate tickets bought by a South African bank. We were surrounded by South Africans, me with my O2 England cap on a-la-Clive Woodward and my son in his England shirt. We had a whale of a time, with those surrounding us feeding us biltong and generally going out of their way to make us comfortable. They were a bit disheartened towards the end as England won comprehensively, but at no time did we feel anything but safe.

    Other sports fans, football in particular, could learn a lot from rugby fans. Football fans obviously feel as strongly as rugby fans do about their team, but that tends to, a lot of the time be manifested by footie fans shouting and chanting insults at the opposition. Some of it is racist, as we see in the news regularly. There's no wonder things spill over into violence on occasions. Compare that to a rugby match, where out of respect for the kicker of an opposing team, silence is maintained wherever you are (except Scotland, I'm sorry to report).

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    I agree, my rugby club get discounted tickets a few time of year to go and see Sale, its perfectly usual to see home and away fans mixing before, during and after the match all having a great time, plenty of banter and absolutely no agro what so ever.

    Yes want 'our' team to win, be it our local, county, regional or national team, but in rugby at least we can and do have fun and banter with everyone and no animosity, so why an advert that simply lets us laugh at ourselves should be banned is totally daft!


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    I've never been more p*ssed than standing at the old Lansdowne Road watching Ireland vs England... The number of hip flasks being passed around by the Irish fans, containing Lord ONLY knows what - probably their homemade potcheen - was hilarious, and this set the tone for the rest of the day, ending up in Temple Bar with 9 of "us", and x,000 of "them" drinking until the wee hours, without a fist being thrown.

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