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Thread: 7MM REM MAG Tikka T3 Super Varmant rifle.

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    7MM REM MAG Tikka T3 Super Varmant rifle.

    Hello there new to this site, as some other forums totally lacked the information l was looking for, this one seems one hundred times better whilst browsing through it!!
    Anyway, what l was gonna ask was has anyone out there got a 7mm rem mag , the Tikka t3 super Varmant, l have searched for reviews about the rifle in this calibre but have found nothing.
    How do you find the rifle i.e weight, accuracy, recoil?? And what bullets fire well through it?
    Does anyone know what the difference is between the varmant and super varmant model, is it worth the extra money??

    Also what are your thoughts on these limb saver recoiling pads, do ther really work or is it a load of bull??

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Woodystock 8)

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    Only difference I can see is the adjustable cheek piece, oversized bolt knob and picatinny rail.

    I suppose it would depend on the price difference and if you thing those 3 things are worth it.

    Personally if you're going to carry this rifle a lot and use it for stalking I would think twice about a varmint unless you plan to be prone on the bipod the whole time, it's about kilo heavier than the standard synth stainless unscoped.

    who's you're nearest stockist? get yourself down there and have a look at some rifles. I have handled the stainless varmint and it didn't feel like something I would want to carry all day.


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    Ive got a tikka tactical with nightforce scope on it for foxing and i carry it all day easier to shoot of a bipod though very accurate out of box 1 inch at 200 yds hope this is some help

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    thanks lads

    l could go down to my local stockists and try one out, l thought l would be fine carrying it as l am quite a big strong lad but might think twice once l pick it up!! it would be for wild boar mainly from a shooting platform so not sure if the weight will help me or hinder me, l was wanting a varmant to help with recoil and accuracy when shooting at a lot of boar on a drive!
    Any more thoughts?? Thanks.

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