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Thread: Range finding binos

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    Range finding binos

    Hello guys I'm thinking about buying a pair of range finding binos second hand and was wondering what the pitfalls would be with the zeiss or the older model Leica. All help and advice welcome

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    Ranging stadia in binoculars come in different types, all of which can be adapted to hunting, some better than others, because of the finer graduations.

    Marine binoculars have stadia for measuring against the draft markings on the hull, containers, markings on lighthouses, etc. They are usually a good bargain, 7x50, lots of light gathering, but some are made for long distance focusing on ships, rather than yachting and pleasure boating.

    Military binoculars come in graduations for vehicles, the height of men, tires, Milradians, for closer work, with focusing to match. These are great for hunting, too.

    Out at 1500 yard range, the stadia and focusing are for artillery, fixed and mounted on armored vehicles ( tanks ).

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    Leica should be fine, no discerinable difference between HD non HD as far as my eyes can tell. Very reliable bit of kit, 10x42 are excellent and well worth the money.


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    Leica and Zeiss both very good....... but the Zeiss are quicker as they're one button push to range against the Leica's 2 pushes.



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    My Leica's are one push & let go to range,.. & push & keep pressed in to range continually on a sweep.
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    The Zeiss binos range better than the old model Geovids but are bigger and bulkier, my vote would go with the Geovids but not by much, both are good so I wouldn't turn down either if the right deal came along.

    In the latest models the Swaro would get my vote above either but I haven't had a go with the new Leica HD Geovids as yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    My Leica's are one push & let go to range,.. & push & keep pressed in to range continually on a sweep.
    Just tried that with the pair of 8x42 HD-B's I've got here and they're definitely one push to bring up the little square... push again to range, hold in to scan.

    Very nice glass though... comparable with my 8.5x42 Swaros, the Leica's are the same length and weigh about the same but feel a bit bulkier due to the different shape. The glass in my Zeiss 8.x45RF's had a definite slight yellowy tinge compared side by side to the Swaros but I never noticed any downside to this in practice.

    Side by side the Zeiss compared to these and an older model Geovid were within a metre at over 900.

    Only had a pair of the Swaro RF's in my stickies at the Bisley show a few years ago.


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    Point of note, the electronics won't have the same warranty as the lens and body, usually 2-3 years depending on manufacturer, although the binos themselves will have anything from 10-30 years

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    Have used both nothing in it really Swarovski will work better in the rain over the Leica Had my Leica's for eight years every day use with no problems, Will have to see how the Swarovski will last , if I had a choice would have been happy to keep the Leica ,Just buy what you feel is right, you wont go wrong with either.

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