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Thread: Ezzy's first boar

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    Ezzy's first boar

    Hi All,
    I've been after a certain young boar for quite a while now and probably spent 25 hours sat up a high seat for him with various mates.

    I got him on a trail cam visiting at anything form first light to last light so a lot of luck was going to be needed.

    Last night Stu (Ezzy 6.5) came to give me a hand as Andy wasn't aloud out to play.

    We spent ten minutes putting various thermals, fleece's and coats on ready for a long cold wait then waddled from the truck the couple of hundred yards to the high seat over the feed area.

    I was 3/4 the way up the ladder when I heard a grunt and a crash of bushes and to be honest I thought b******s they were here already just in the bushes.
    Anyway we finished getting up the seat and sat quiet, waiting for a noise to give away there presence. A few minutes later Stu spotted a blob in the half light and pointed to it I watched the area he was pointing at and see a big black blob move from one side of a tree to the other "YES"

    I picked up the 550 digi sight I use for spotting and in the last light it was perfect with out the illumination I could make out two animals both young boar exactly the same size I told Stu that both were "shooters".
    It was a tense few minutes when we waited for them to make there way through the bushes I could them stopping and listening and testing the wind every few yards as they approached the feed area.

    As they came up the game trail I gave Stu the thumbs up I was happy and told him to take the first boar when he turned broadside. They kept walking towards us probably no more that 30 yards eventually the lead boar turned on the game trail and Stu took him with my moderated .375 H&H "Pig rig" the boar turned and ran but I could see in the NV that his legs were going and after a short dash he crashed over in the bushes. We gave it five minutes and approached the bush we thought he had fell in following a good blood trail we found him very dead.
    I congratulated Stu on his first boar and then the work started first time I've been here with out the quad so we had a good drag through the bushes back to the truck for a photo session and the gralloch.

    I had a great trip home with the boar getting his revenge as the heater in the truck getting warm and me realising I had pig sh*t all over my boot ba****d had left a booby trap for me

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    Thanks again Wayne, my heart nearly hammered its way through my chest when I heard that first Grunt as we got to the seat. If it had come then, I don't think I could have got it together for a decent shot. That mod really tames the .375, coupled with the adrenaline It felt like a .308. I hope Andy had a great birthday (I certainly enjoyed it ) what a great way to end my run of crappy luck. You do realise that I have shot my first Fallow, My first Munty, My first Sika, My first Moose and now my first Boar either with you or on trips away with you and Andy


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    Congrats on your first boar
    Wayne was responsible for my first go at boar top man
    regards pete

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    Well done guys nothing better than pigs to get your blood pumping

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    Was the buzz bigger than your first buck?

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    Hard to say, it was a long time ago. Funnily enough though when I shot my first buck, I was really excited and my heart was racing but it took a little bit of time for it to move into a position where I could shoot. While I watched it in the scope I was calming myself down by telling myself that if it was a fox or rabbit I could shoot it without a second thought. This helped me calm down. The Boar was a bit like that as I watched it for a while until it turned broadside. When I shot my first buck I was so happy that I had shot it in the right place and the stalker was pleased, with the Boar it was different. I was really taken aback with the size of it and quite overwhelmed (still am). The buzz is always there but takes different forms. I hope the feeling never goes away. Red Next Ive got a spot on the wall earmarked for a nice representative (don't tell my wife)

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    Wayne and Andy got me my first fallow.

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    Nice one, perseverance pays off!

    just one thing though.... Why drag it with the gralloch in?
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULT View Post
    Wayne and Andy got me my first fallow.
    I think i was there.


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