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Thread: Calling muntjac

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    Calling muntjac

    Had a very successful day using the muntjac calling technique Gerald Collini showed me. call I was at the wood in Buckinghamshire where I manage the deer numbers. It was my first visit since there had been lots of timber cutting and the woodmen had created several new rides with their huge timber trucks. These rides had foot deep mud with a hard crust and so criss-crossed the wood the deer had to cross them - so lots of slots to show activity. I settled down in area with lots of slots heading into thick holly cover. I was partly concealed by a tree trunk and holly bush looking towards the area of heavy holly cover, with 180degree view. I called with the buttolo and immediately there was barking from the holly cover. I called again and the barking came closer. I caught a glimpse of a buck, but he stayed semi-hidden. I called again (three squeaks) and there was a higher pitched bark to the right of the buck. A large doe came out of the holly and stood looking around giving me a good shot at the base of the neck, which took her down. She was quite heavy and probably half -way through pregnancy carrying two young. On butchering, found she was very well-padded with quite a lot of of fat. Just about to start the process of making smoked biltong with some of the best meat.

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    Good stuff, I had an outing with Gerald last spring, very educational. Since then I have called in so many Muntjac it's unblievable, not all have been shot but a fair percentage have been taken using the method used by Gerald. I have become quite proficient using the Buttalo and the cherrywood, as well as several other types of call, I had been calling Muntjac for a couple of years before the outing with Gerald, with limited success, but since then I have developed a passion for these fantastic little deer, and my calling technique has also developed over time, I feel it adds a new dimension to the sport, it doesn't always work but I recon on between 70/80% of times the method is used deer have been called into shooting range, I have had several deer come into within 5yards of me, only a week or so ago i called a young cull buck in to 15 yards and took him from the sitting position, very exciting when they come charging in, my younger brother has also started to call and he shot his first called Munjac a few weeks ago, its not rocket science, but there is a technique I feel, out again tomorrow, weather conditions are favourable, so with a bit of luck another Muntjac will fall to the call.

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    What is the technique you guys have used, there are many new stalkers on the site who could benefit from your success and fell the thrill you have. The site is a great springboard to share new found prowess and techniques, especially for those with limited numbers of deer to their credit, and having to spend hard earned cash for paid stalking if they have no permissions of there own. I know as I had to pay for each and every stalk as I was hooked on the very first outing I did 38 years ago. deerwarden.

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    The method I use, having stalked with Gerald several times, is to find an area where I can sit/stand in cover with a good view across open or lightly wooded ground in towards areas of heavier cover, where you have reason to believe the muntjac might be resting. Settle down for a while in your cover before calling; then give three or four sharp roe alarm calls with a Buttolo - each a second apart. Wait, listen and watch. The key is for them to come and investigate the sound without any chance they will spot you. Have your rifle up on sticks or bipod (if prone) ready as you will probably only have a short window for a shot. If no reaction to first set of calls, repeat the sequence after 4 or 5 minutes and again wait. Often if you see or hear a deer approaching another less strident call might help call it in. I only repeat the calls about three times in any one area and then move on if no reaction. It doesn't always work but is a good way of finding deer which may be in heavy cover or meandering in areas you have settled down in. Certainly worked like a charm last week as two muntjac approached and barked on hearing the alarm, and the does came out and gave me the chance of a safe shot.

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    Interesting that the Doe had twins, quite rare but not impossible. What size and sex where they please?

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    They were pretty small (maybe six inches and only partially formed - not much more than two months. Both females, though I would bet 100% on that judgement because of their immaturity.

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    how do you get in touch with Gerald? Ive visited his website but i didnt see he did outings???

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    Steyer, try the contact form on this page: That's how I originally got in touch. He's a top man and stalks with him are great. I learn something new every time I go out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by loosehead View Post
    Steyer, try the contact form on this page: That's how I originally got in touch. He's a top man and stalks with him are great. I learn something new every time I go out!

    cheers for that.

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    Any chance the munty callers could perhaps show us how it's done ? A you tube Video using a smart phone would help us all greatly we all like to experiment but having an expert show us would be fantastic .
    kind regards

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