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Thread: Lead free bullets

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    Lead free bullets

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Hornady GMX or the Nosler E-tip???

    Both appear to be made from gilding metal rather than the pure copper Barnes, all available from Midway UK and both a bit cheaper than Barnes.

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    I have used 180gr e tips in my 300wsm they seem to be ok.Ive shot everything from wild boar to eland with them with no problems.They seem to be very hard with no meat damage to chest shot fallow.Pigs seemed to show very little meat damage the down side is the price nearly a quid a bullet

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    As I understand it, it is only the triple banding of the Barnes that engages with the rifling whereas the Hornaday and Nosler engage along their full length, much like traditional jacketed rounds. No doubt commercial loadings meet with regulated limits on pressures but I have heard a greater degree of caution might be required when experimenting with home loads.

    I'm a big fan of Sako's loading of the Barnes and would love to put the Winchester Nosler to the test but have so far failed to find a stockist. If anybody knows of a source in .308, please do let me know.

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    Nosler 308 180 grain E-tip on Midway UK (about 70p a pop, not quite 1):

    The GMX and other E-tips are all sold there too, just have a search...

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    That doesn't seem overly expensive if it saves a lot of meat damage would be quite a bonus, particularly when you look at that lead contamination xray in a recent post

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