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Thread: how many .22 hornet to ask for

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    how many .22 hornet to ask for

    Putting in for a variation for a. 22 hornet. How many rounds do you guys have on your ticket to buy at one time and how many allowed in total. I have 500 and 1000 for my. 17 hmr i hope to reload for the hornet so nt sure what amount to ask for.

    Any thoughts welcome

    Regards pete

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    Depends how much you shoot!
    I have 500/600 on all Centrefire to allow a suitable selection of bullet weights

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    ok i have 100 250 0n my 308 but didnt know if its worth getting more for the hornet as more shots will present with a wider range of quarry etc. do the bullets heads come in boxes of 100. i thought i might of seen bigger amounts somewhere

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    When I was reloading I had 400, I had about 150 35gr vmax always and some 40's but mainly the 35's
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    Ive got 600 on the hornet as I buy 500 exp at a time (cheeper that way)

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    Quote Originally Posted by multiman View Post
    I buy 500 exp at a time (cheaper that way)
    despite the fact that the HO guidance says this is NOT a good reason for larger numbers, it is ONE of the reasons I used for 1000/1200 on all rimfire and 500/600 on all centre fire

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    Expanding is 400 rounds to hold, and 700 missiles to hold.
    Also got the same for .223, both have the same allowance for non expanding as well.


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    500/600 on most .think its good to have 500/700 on rimfires

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    It's just a single figure now - you can buy your full holding all at once.

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    For hornet I have 500/600

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