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Thread: mobile phone on 02

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    mobile phone on 02

    hello there, as above, im after a phone on 02, don't care what it is, I found out my iPhone aint drop proof about 6 months ago still waiting for insurance..... and the replacement I got a crap nokia for 20 didn't like getting punched when I decided to freeze.... so now don't have a phone...

    so if any one has a old phone in working order on 02 I will happily buy off you

    cheers charlie

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    Might be worth a look on the cash generator website Charlie.Just picked up a very nice HTC for 21 posted

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    Did you get something sorted? I have a Motorolla Razor somewhere, if you're still looking then drop me a PM and I'll try and dig it out tomorrow.


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    aye ive found a old thing in the back of the cupboard its got a cracked screen but it works and as my contract is up at the end of the month it will do until then..... but cheers bud.

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