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Thread: Keeping up the pressure.

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    Keeping up the pressure.

    Sometimes see odd posts on losing shooting permission, last year I was approached by a guy on a reception desk, after getting into conversation with regards sporting activities, He lives on a farm, & tells me the farmer has a rabbit overburden, so I let him know what Mike & I do to keep sharp , he says he'll speak with the farmer & get us on the ground ... a weekend or two later get a call saying the farmer is giving the current shooter (who lives on the farm) a chance to pull his finger out, O.K., thinks no more about it,.. heard many empty promises of ground / quarry that never come about.

    Almost a full year on, phone call out of the blue, farmer being driven crazy by the sight of his own Watership Down set ,... went to see it yesterday, & get it signed up / walk the boundaries etc, lovely old fashioned type of guy, even offering to build any hides we might want, high seats no problem!

    Only 27 acres, but probably have to buy a new chest freezer . + He has two redundant fox traps as he reckon's he's too old for the shotgun he used for emptying them.
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    A good result I bet you are pleased!

    To be honest I see this sort of thing quite often, many farmers need pests controlled, not just when the shooter chooses to turn up when they fancy it.

    If the incumbent shooter or shooters keep on top of the pests and thus has a good relationship with the farmer then they are very unlikely to loose their shooting permission, but this is a classic example of the farmer being let down and someone more empathetic with the farmers needs has an opportunity to step in and do the job.


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    I often tell my lads that if you do a job you will be welcome at any time on to land if not then you will be met with a negative landowner.

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