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Thread: Lee Enfield/Parker Hale 303 for sale.

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    Lee Enfield/Parker Hale 303 for sale.

    This rifle has been withdrawn from sale subject to it being "Provisionally Sold".

    As a few of you might know I have a health problem that is forcing me to quit most of my shooting and as such I am having to sell a few of my guns. One of the first to be advertised is my Lee Enfield Number 4 Mk1 which has been professionally "Sporterised" by Parker Hale. The woodwork on it is fairly tidy with some light marks and scratches that you would expect to find on a "workhorse" type rifle - The worst one is on the underside of the forend where it looks like a poorly fitting bipod has been on it (Either that or the rifle was fired while being rested on a brick wall some time before I got it) and has left an untidy scratch mark which I have shown in one of the attached photos.
    The barrel is in very good condition (As is the blueing) and does not show any real signs of wear or burning and shoots a sub 1 inch group at 100 yards using homeloads with 174g Sierra Hollow Points - I have attached a photo of a target that I shot to show how accurate this rifle can be and I would urge anyone interested to come and try it their selves to see that this is no "exagerated claim"!
    The action is nice and smooth and the rifle is fitted with a drop out 5 shot magazine and everything on this rifle works well and exactly as it should.
    The rifle is currently fitted with a set of Tasco World Class 4-14X40 Scopes which are almost brand new and are fitted on the rifle with a new set of Sports Match 25mm mounts - The scopes and mounts are less that 4 months old. I am willing to sell the rifle with or without the scopes - If sold without then I will be more than happy to negociate an amended price with the buyer.
    The rifle can come with a set of RCBS Dies and plenty of ready prepped brass to get the buyer well on their way to reloading for this rifle if required. This "package" consists of a Full Length Resizing and de-capping die, a Seating Die and the .303 case holder (All cased in the original RCBS case) as well as about 160 ready cleaned and prepped brass cases (45 FNM, 81 S&B and 34 PPU as well as a few mixed once fired that have not been cleaned and prepped yet)
    PLEASE NOTE:- I will not sell the reloading gear seperately unless the rifle sells first without the reloading gear.
    I have attached some photos which I took yesterday to show the rifle as best I can but I will be willing to take as many more larger format and highly detailed photos and e-mail them to any prospective buyer should they require them.
    I would much prefer a Face To Face deal so that the buyer can carefully inspect the firle and try it themselves so that they can see and realise just how good a bargain this deal is. If however a Face To Face deal is not possible/practical I can arrange a RFD transfer at the buyers cost.
    Anyone interested should contact me by PM and send their contact phone number or I will 9On request) send them my contact phone number.
    This rifle is advertised on other sites also!

    Oops: Sorry I forgot to put the asking price which is 300 O.N.O. for the complete package!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_6937.jpg   IMG_6938.jpg   IMG_6939.jpg   IMG_6940.jpg   IMG_6941.jpg  

    IMG_6942.jpg   IMG_6943.jpg   IMG_6944.jpg   IMG_6945.jpg  
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    PM replied to. I think I have a fault on my PM systen as I now have 4 copies of what I think are the same PM from this morning. Could you please call me or send my a contact number for me to call you.

    This rifle is now temporarily on hold till tomorow night while awaiting a phone call.
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