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Thread: I must be getting old

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    I must be getting old

    Got up at back o 5 this morning to get the gear ready, now I must have went through my cupboard several times to get my moderator without success So decision made for me to not go out, as time was getting on. Now after a walk and breakfast, went back into my cupboard and emptied everything out and low and behold there was the moderator just where it always is . Does anyone else suffer from this occasional dottery mind :-)

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    Frequently. The amount of times I drive to the end of our road, then turn back to collect that vital piece of forgotten equipment....

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    often set off last week with my crocks on could have been a wet footed morning

    Lad drove here this morning without binos

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    Unfortunately I do suffer just as you do.And what is even more annoying is when my missus looks in the same cupboard/drawer that I had just looked in and appears with said item straight away!
    I have also started walking into a room with the sole intention of doing a task and then standing there wondering what it was I am supposed to be doing.
    And then there's the stuff I put in my special safe place that is doomed never to be seen again...............

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    ever since i got married for the 2nd time .seems the rot has set in,various items are now safe for ever hidden god knows where.i,ve gone to the end of the road and gone back to check the door,s still locked ,mind she topped it last weekend half a mile from home on the way to france i say you got the passports ,she says of course and of course she bloody hasnt .turn round and go back again

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    Sounds perfectly normal to me, went foxing Friday night as usual .. Oh Cack!!! left the firing step at home, so had to tie back the door so I could stand on the back cill.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I found my flash light in the refrigerator one morning. I'd blown a breaker, used the light to see to reset it, grabbed some meat from the freezer, and seemingly put both in the 'fridge to thaw when I got back upstairs. Don't remember doing it at all.~Muir

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    Mauser sounds as though you've got the early signs of dementia or is
    it dyslexia i just can't remember the difference but not to worry I have'nt

    reached my "sell by date" yet !

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    ] Mauser sounds as though you've got the early signs of dementia or is
    it dyslexia i just can't remember the difference but not to worry I have'nt

    reached my "sell by date" yet !

    Rgds, Buck.[

    Something like that, that, my hand must have been in and out the top o ma cupboard I don't know how many times, what makes is worse is I had a light in there also to see it (or not as it turned out).
    Oh well it's better at night anyhow


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    couple of years ago i got all my kit ready and in the car half a mile down the road realised i had forgoten my magazine so around i turnt a little ratty with myself for forgeting it as i knew i had gotten it out of the cabinet and i had put it down somwhere, on my arival home a quick serch of the house and i cant find it so getting more ratty i decide to check it isnt in the boot of the car, so there i look with the wife giving me helpfull suggestions on where to look, genuinly trying to help i hasten to add but im just sinking more and more into 2 year old tantrum mode. So now ive checked the house car and the boot where i cant find it daylight is running out and im now savage so decide in my wisdom that slaming the boot of the car would be a good idea, forget my strength and single handedly slam the boot so hard i shatter the back windscreen which is now in a million peices over the drive, parcel shelf and back seats wife walks out the house with the magazine in her hand goes ape s??t, car has to get towed as the insurance company wont except its secure so wont insure it as it has no back winscreen and im not going anywhere.

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