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Thread: Mud Mud Every Where

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    Mud Mud Every Where

    I finally got to go to the high seat to wait for a Boar, but getting to the seat was a battle in it's self.The Mud down the lane to the seat was that sticky and so deep where the Tractors have been driving up and down, the Tractor ruts were knee deep and full of water so i had to pick a path with great care.I finally got to the seat of my choosing at 3.30 pm and then started the wait to see if a Pig would come to the feed station, after an hour i heard Boar moving in the Cover of the trees but no show a bit later and 2 half grown Boar ran out into the open they were chasing each other then out of sight again.Later on a large Boar came out 200 or more yards away from me and to top it all it layed down just under some scrub bushes and went to sleep for an hour or more.There did'nt seem to be much else happening and i was contemplating trying to stalk the one that had gone to sleep,but i never had my sticks with me and the mud was very deep i toyed with the idea for a while as the wind was blowing in my face a a good rate of knots but i stayed put.Just as Dusk was approaching i saw 4 large Boar moving my way i got the 308 poised in the position for a shot if a chance came my way,20 minutes of my Heart beating out of synchronisation every now and again and my mouth getting drier, then a Boar came into view at the bait 65 yards away i moved my Rifle slowly to the right a bit more and the Boar stopped sniffing the air as she heard me move , i stayed still for a few minutes and it carried on feeding, a loud bang echoed through the Dusk and a Boar of 210 LBS had dropped dead on the spot the others were gone like a flash. i rang the Farmer and he came to collect it with his Land Rover which has extra wide tyres on it he made it look easy getting to the Boar through the thick Mud, he had a helper with him and they loaded the Boar into the back of the Land Rover and were gone back to the Farm, i was left in the Dark to try and pick a safe track through the Mud back to my Truck.I got back to the Farm and told him i could have done with a lift to my Truck , but i soon found out why he had gone with out stopping it looked to me that he had damaged his arm loading the Boar into his Land Rover, and on closer inspection it looks as if he has a detached Bicep mussel and it did'nt look to good as he was in a lot of pain.I took a quick pic of the Boar not a very good one as the Farmer wanted to get off to A&E to get his arm looked at. i will ring him later today to find out the out come of his visit to Hospital last night.!! .

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    Nice boar congrats!

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