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Thread: Rubbish ( litter )

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    Rubbish ( litter )

    I know it's the time of year ie grass growth and hedge trimming ,but the amount of rubbish / litter on our countryside verges seems worse than ever .i can't remember seeing council litter pickers out and about but who is chucking the crap out of the car / lorry / van window someone is and what a dam mess it's making .if there's not the resources can't the unemployed be paid or community service bods do it or something .am I just having a meldrew moment or is it bad your way too ?

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    Can't see the litter for all the old mattresses and car tyres

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    The litter pickers are still out there............ they are just overwhelmed, by a lazy assed pig ignorant public.
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    Yes it is, I live on a single track road with passing places where people stop to take the view and a bite to eat, then throw their Tesco bag with all the packing from their lunch out of the window. What do I do, I stop and pick them up and dump them in my bin when I get home, no stress.
    However not everyone can do that I appreciate, our road is quiet.
    Worse than that, I can follow families on a day out in the hills, taking their time along the pony path dropping their empty plastic bottles, chocolate wrappers etc as they go. I pick them up as I follow but was told by the factor not to cause confrontation, especially when carrying a stalking rifle !!!!

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    Yep right with you, drives me insane.

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    What is it with people,they go out to enjoy the open countryside,and leave their rubbish behind and spoil it for the next person. Selfish,inconsiderate,ignorant scruffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highseat View Post
    What is it with people,they go out to enjoy the open countryside,and leave their rubbish behind and spoil it for the next person. Selfish,inconsiderate,ignorant scruffs.
    And then have the Gaul to tell us what we can and can't do in the countryside !

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    In Thetford Forest, idiots pick up their dog's ****, bag it, then hang the bag in the nearest hedge or tree or just chuck it by the side of the trail.

    It defies belief and logic. There's no need to pick up dog **** in a wilderness, and if you do, why multiply the environmental damage by leaving the bags of **** hanging like baubles on trees?????????

    The general increase in flytipping is in part due to councils reducing collections of bins and restricting what can go on their tips in recycling centres. That, along with a general increase in pig ignorance in society.
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    My niece was at a local carpark when the chav family in the next car emptied the takaway wrappers out of the car as they were leaving, quick as a flash she grabbed it and threw it back in the car window, saying "you dropped something" they drove off sheepishly.

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    I took my lad home tonight and a fridge and cooker in the layby that wasn't there this morning just a couple of mile from the CA site which as lotus eater has said was probably closed .

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