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Thread: Pajero info please

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    Pajero info please

    I'm thinking of buying a Pajero..has anyone got one or any info on them good and bad?.
    They seem to go for quite reasonable prices. I'm looking for something reliable and not too expensive to cope with this weather;the wife has to go out to take water etc to her horses and her little van is not the best.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Get yourself a Ranger instead

    You wont beat it for getting out of ditches


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    Hi Fraser,

    I've got one. It's a '96 2.8 turbo diesel short wheelbase. When I got it it only had 64k on the clock, with all the history since it was imported. It needed a few bits and pieces replacing like glow plugs, the odd switch etc. The most major was the fuel pump seals which is a well known problem but since getting everything done it hasn't missed a beat in 2 years. It is 13 years old and literally everything works on it. It is very capable offroad with General Grabber AT2 tyres. The main downside is fuel consumption... not good. You're looking at 20-25mpg absolute tops.

    My advice would be to search around for a good one with as much history as possible as a lot of them haven't been maintained properly and/or have had very hard working lives. I looked at some right shabby examples before finding mine. It helped that the company that imported it was literally just up the road from me so I could check it's history as it has been owned locally and had been back there for servicing most of its life in the UK.

    Get yourself over to the Pajero owners forum - it's an excellent mine of information on these cars and there are a lot of helpful enthusiasts!

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    Hi fraser
    I had a 2.8 LWB pajero for about 8 years and it was fantastic but as csl said fuel consumption was not the best. i also had to replace the glow plugs after 7 years but thats no big deal. If you get one make sure you out decent tyres on it if you are going off road. one thing to check before you buy is the chassis, some pajero's you come across will be rotten underneath so give them a good look because once they start to rot you will have no end of trouble. i would say if you find a tidy one go for it you won't be sorry.
    PS i now have a landrover defender 90 and its by far the best off road and with all this snow its been a saviour but without the refinements.



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    Thanks guys, your experience of it is encouraging and the website is a mine of info. Nice photo's csl.
    Ta much.


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    Speak to JAYB he has just recently imported one straight from Japan. I think it was through Algies Auto's (sounds a bit dodgy I know) but he seems to have got a very good deal.


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    JayB's Pajero is very nice been in it a a few times really nice motor, a friend of mine has the UK Shogun version we often use it to go to Germany as it's so comfortable and reliable.
    Fuel is a bit of an issue but figure out if you bought some new super diesel how much you would lose in depreciation, servicing cost etc etc as to a old fashioned easy to home service jeep, you may well be very surprised.
    Those Rangers are a suicidal motors Terry, mine slid into my old mans gate post in the snow, needs a new door now
    not sure if it's the road tyres or that they are crap off road, mine even struggled on our back yard in the snow.
    The crew cab trucks generally more suitable for hunting as you can through the deer in the back and not got the ticks sitting in the back seat with your girlfriend or kids
    One downside is they are very prone to kick out the back end due to being so light on the rear end.
    We had a few hairy moments the other night going sideways in the ice in two wheel drive was ok in 4x4 though, however been told with a truckman back they are better. Terry will tell you about that
    At the end of the day it's down to personal choice, let us know how you get on..

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    A mate of mine has a 1990 diesel turbo model and it is as solid as a rock. We used it for pulling trees out of a river last autumn and it was nearly as good as a tractor.

    You need the right tyres and, as others have said, for a diesel it's a bit heavy on fuel but in all other respects a very decent well made vehicle with a good level of equipment. If I was getting one I might look for a petrol version converted to lpg.

    I used to work in the Middle East and it was interesting that the vehicle that the Arabs would choose one of the Japanese over a Land/Range Rover every time to go out in the desert with as reliability and robustness were what was needed. The Toyota Landcruiser was the favourite followed closely by the Shogun/Pajaro and Nissan Patrol. Fuel wasn't an issue as petrol had just doubled in price to 3p per litre!! Nobody had a diesel.

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    3p a litre oh what fun we could have Range Rover racing to Sutherland and back for a fiver and still have change for a fish an chip supper seems like they could do with a little global warming up there at the minute

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    i had a 2.5 manual swb for 2 years, now have a 2.8 swb (manual), great motors, but a bit heavy on fuel, i find mind very reliable, but it does the job

    heres mine-

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