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Thread: well done bushwear !! excellent back up service

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    well done bushwear !! excellent back up service

    Have a pair of promos trigger tripod sticks.....over a year old but hardly used
    One of the legs stopped locking just sliding

    Contacted bushwear, explained over a year old but hardly used.....
    They sent out a replacement leg without any quibble
    It never appeared ...(royal mail at its best )

    I contacted therm again day by courtier no queries

    Excellent back up service after the fact & a while down the line

    Also a while ago I queried about a new rubber seal for their own make sausage stuffer as mine had finally gone a after good bit of use.....again one sent out no payment required

    Ok they not the cheapeast on some items BUT. Customer service like that means a lot to me

    Thank you


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    Agree, prices aren't always the most competitive, but you can't fault their service, well worth the extra pennies I say.....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Sorry for jumping on your thread I meant to post last week, I ordered a foxpro from Bushwear very late afternoon last week, it arrived the next day!!!!!!!! Can't beat that for service and delivery, big thanks from me too!

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    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you from all of us here on the BushWear team. We're really pleased to hear such great feedback and we look forward to welcoming you all back, and continuing to provide great service!

    Best wishes

    Lindsay H. at BushWear

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    Always had a speedy delivery service from Bushwear and always willing to assist when needed over the phone, can't fault them at all to be honest.

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Configured an order for a pair of Fjallraven trousers and had them on 30 minutes later!! (only a mile away).

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    I've always had a good service from them also. On-line or in shop. I can sometimes find things slightly cheaper elsewhere on-line but that place typically wouldn't have all the things I'm looking for. Nice people who are meeting a demand, good luck to them.

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    Couldnt meet nicer people in the shop for help and advice .stevie is top man

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    great unless you ask them for 180gr bullets 30 cal, then the guy tells me all you need is 150gr..... right, because that's all you've got

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigscott270 View Post
    Couldnt meet nicer people in the shop for help and advice .stevie is top man
    Agreed , but would help if wee Stevie smiled a bit more don't you
    think Scott !

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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