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Thread: thank you Tony . ..quad sticks!!!

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    thank you Tony . ..quad sticks!!!

    Big thank you to Tony for his quad sticks

    Got my primos sticks fixed but think I'll sell em!!!

    Ordered a set of Tony's. Quad sticks

    Been practising in the drive with the air rifle shooting at a flip down targert in back o the garage

    They were solid!!!!

    Need to practise deployment but getting there!!!


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    I hate mine, they are absolutely wonderful to shoot off, but i hate them with a vengence.
    I can hit a 3inch target every time with them while standing at 135yds but I still hate them.

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    Ive order a set of tonys sticks aswell cant wait for them to arrive and give them a go

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    Mine had their christening this weekend.
    very stable even on uneven ground.
    excellent bit if kit and very well designed.

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    Allan yours are on their way and should be with you tomorrow,
    If anyone want help with the knack to opening them just give me a call.

    Ive 3 sets of softwood made up and 30 sets of hardwood at the moment.
    Ill be making a lot more in the coming weeks for the show at Kelso.

    My timber supplier has just received some really stunning oak that he thinks he can cut to my spec, Im looking forward to seeing that.

    Grant its good to hear youve christened them, Ive had some excellent feedback just lately from several people using them with great success.

    Keith , you know you love them really.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Got to admit to using them every now and then lol. Will be on my third set soon.

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    Received mines in the post today thanks tony

    hoping to christen them this weekend

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