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Thread: Hatsan escort

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    Hatsan escort

    As above wanted camo Hatsan escort in camo with 28 inch barrel

    not looking to spend a lot of money on one


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    look for a second had benelli either m2, sbe, m1 super 90. as they will be better than a hatsan. trust me been there done that!!!![NewType][]=Shotgun&Filter[NewMechanism][]=Semi-Auto&Filter[Calibre][]=12%20gauge&Filter[Make][]=Benelli

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    got a 20 bore semi auto but in wood. mint nick done very very little.
    pm me if interested


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    Looking for a 12g

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    Just put a couple of hundred quid in a charity box. Obviously you won't have a gun but at least you'll have a warm feeling inside and you won't have the hassle and frustration of going out shooting only to find its not working again or needs a new o ring every few shots.

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    I have a camo one but think its a 32", not done much, chokes and stock spacers are with the gun. 12g

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    I have a hatsan.
    Nice cheap working gun. Can't find anything wrong with it. You pull the trigger and it goes bang. I have an 8 shot cycles every time

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    Are they really that bad ?

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    They are terrible , between me and my mates we have had 4 , all 4 Jam , break ect , get an old beretta instead

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    Or an old breda.
    Loved my old one and will be looking for another in the near future.
    So tough you can knock fence posts in with them

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