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Thread: Hello to all you people with the same interests as me!!

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    Hello to all you people with the same interests as me!!

    Hello all, sorry about not introducing my self earlier, l jumped straight into a new post with lots of excitement without reading the introduction bit!! Sorry lads, Well l am from the north east. l love most aspects of shooting, deer stalking -mainly roe and the odd fallow which l have only really started the last 4 years but am enjoying it, been lamping foxes with my friend for over 10 year, rabbit shooting, and just general vermin control. I own a .243 and .22 for this. I also love game shooting, clay pigeon shooting, pigeon decoying the list goes on. I was born and bred on a farm so its always been in me. I generally like been outside in the country with some kind of gun in my hand!
    Now l am wanting to get more into deer stalking, with a DSC1 in the not so distant future. I also have a chance to go driven boar hunting a few times a year to hungry- never tried it but l know l will love it which is why l was asking if anyone knew any information about the Tikka T3 Super Varmant in 7MM REM MAG, as l am in the process of getten a 7mm on my ticket ( if you can help please dig my last post out!)
    I am also getten a .17hmr on my ticket which l am looking forward to, as well as buying a 20 bore Hushpower for squirrels and pigeons.
    I could go on all day but wont- the last thing l am excited about is re- loading my own bullets, ideally for the .243 and 7mm, l need lots and lots of advice but hope l can help someone out to.
    So l wish you all a happy new year, be safe, keep happy and enjoy your shooting!! Chris

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    welcome to the site
    nothing wrong with being shooting loopy
    good bunch on here willing to help and give advice
    regards pete .

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    Welcome indeed and good luck with the Boar

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