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    out of interest what is the lowest grain 243 round that can be purchased
    looking for the best round for sound being reduced with use of a Roedale delta ultralight mod for the foxes on a night time
    rather than taking 22.250
    thank you

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    55gn I believe.
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    I did think it was that but wasn't sure if 55 or 68 for factory ammo
    thank you

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    55gr seems to be the lightest.

    But I'm really not sure it's the quietest - at least in factory ammo. Rounds that light in factory loads are often moving at substantially over 3000 fps, and to my ears make a much louder crack than a slower moving 100gr.

    Since the mod only deals with the sound of the powder igniting, and not the crack of the bullet in flight, I suspect you'd actually get less noise with a slower bullet - ie. a heavier one.

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    Totally agree as t the fact you CANNOT silence a high velocity round but trying some sako 100gr tomorrow so will let you know the outcome
    again thank you

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    Heavier and slower the better

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    thanks all defo a help

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    The speed of sound is about 1100 feet-per-second which creates a problem for most cf rifles.
    A .22 rimfire with `shorts` at about 900 fps works well.


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    Get some Trail Boss and develop a sub sonic load for your 22-250

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    Lapua do a 200 grain sub sonic .308 round.
    You would need a heavier bullet rather than a lighter one, to give you enough energy down range.

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