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Thread: Cedar timber - any advice?

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    Cedar timber - any advice?

    Looking for some advice here. I had a very big cedar of Lebanon come down in the storms earlier in the year. Cut it up and stacked it away. I have read that I really shouldn't burn it as it can be explosive, anyone burnt it in a log burner (glass doors) and if so, was it safe?

    Otherwise, anyone know of a use for a lot of cedar wood trunk that has already been cut into 2' lengths?



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    theres a chap here who carves mushrooms out of cedar with a chainsaw

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    It is usually the American western and eastern red cedars (Thuja plicata and Juniperis virginiana) that are deemed to ignite fiercely and spark a lot in a fire. The Lebanese cedar has been burnt since Biblical times so should be ok if well seasoned. Burning the wood from any conifer can cause a build up of a creasote like substance in your chimney so clean it regularly. The timber is virtually impervious to rot so it is very good for building, fencing or cladding.

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    Always worth a look on the 'arbtalk' forum for this sort of info. The firewood section suggests that softwood can be as 'clean' as hardwood as long as its burnt when its dry. I invested in a cheap moisture meter from Amazon to help me know. Its actually a good forum anyway..worth a nosy on a wet day!

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    Thanks for the thoughts. Will check out arbtalk. Would be an awful lot of mushrooms from this stack of timber!

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