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Thread: Roe Deer Advice

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    Roe Deer Advice

    I'm looking for some advice on Roe Deer. Living in Ireland, access to Roe is limited! In the past I worked in forestry in England and Scotland so I have seen many Roe and I have seen them while travelling on the continent. However I have not shot one, despite over 18 years deer stalking on this side of the water. I am not looking for a trophy buck, just a nice representative head to hang on the wall. My questions are roughly what region to head to and what time of the year? I presume that, as in Ireland, there are certain areas that have stronger populations of deer. When I look at the lists of guides who are advertising stalking there seems to be a huge geographical range that they are covering, from Scotland to the South of England. Is the Roe population as widely spread as that? And if I could find a Muntjac on my travels that would be good too! The department of wildlife keeps telling us they are here and that we should shoot them all but nobody seems to be able to find them...
    Many thanks for any advice.
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    Take a quick look at this, might help you a little.


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    Thanks Andy. That gives me a much better idea of Roe distribution across the country.

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    Yes they are pretty widespread. Numbers in a particular area depend on the holding capacity of the habitat and type/amount of any external pressures on them. You could probably shoot a representative head any time during the buck season but many, especially the younger bucks will take a while to clean there antlers and I much prefer trophies that have natural colour rather than done artificially. I would hang on a while for this reason. There are plenty of guides to choose from. The area you choose will dictate what type of terrain and scenery you will have!

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