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Thread: Looking for a favour

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    Looking for a favour

    Im trying to build up a bit of a collection of different empty cases just for my own interest so I can compare different calibres so what I am asking is for people to very kindly sent me an empty case of the calibre they use . If you are able to do this hen please pm me to ask if I already have that case and for my address . Also if you can think of a fairer way of doing it please let me know but at the moment I will just hope people don't mind paying for a stamp as I don't want the have to send everyone 50p
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    What do you have so far?

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    .17 rem .222 .223 .22-250 .243 .270 .308 .303

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    You are asking for shooters to donate a case or two so that you can build a collection, yet you have not even offered to cover postage instead you have told people you dont want to send everyone 50p!
    You wont be getting anything from me!!


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    You've gone about this the wrong way. If you'd said you'd be happy to cover postage, more folks would've been inclined to send you stuff f.o.c and waive the postage cost. Just my penneth.

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    got a few bits and bobs you can have 22 hornet 9.3x72r 9.3x74r 240 h&h 30-30 krag 244hh 8x57 416 rigby do you want any ? at least you are willing to offer postage not that i want it . (not like the last erk from the far north that asked for some cases)

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    I'm sorry but I think you have taken this he wrong way , I even asked if anyone knew a good way to go about it so other people wouldn't end up paying for my collection. What I meant was it wasn't practicle for me to be posting people 1 coins to cover postage I've thought about using paypal but don't know how simple it is as I've never used it. Thank you ndt man that is really kind of you , I would like all of of those calibres (to be honest I have never heard of the krag so it would look nice in the collection just let me know if u want postage costs covering

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    To buy a collection can cost a pretty penny sounds a good way to get one free!

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    I don't want to sound like I'm trying to scam anyone :/ I'm just looking for a favour

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    If it weren't such a pain (customs), I'd send you a bunch (one of everything I load for, would be a collection in its own right).

    Based on your name, I have to ask, do you own Minis?

    As to the rest of you gents, cut the guy some slack, eh?

    Sheesh, no wonder the sport is dying over there. A guy asks for a favour to satisfy a curiosity, and instead of trying to work something out, folks pounce on the guy as slug.

    How about pointing him to a some local matches where members could hand a cartridge or two over, face-to-face and allow some dialog to occur? :rolleyes:

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