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Thread: leaking scope

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    leaking scope

    I have a bushnell elite 3200 which sometimes fogs up at dawn when its cold,would it be worth having it regassed?
    Where would I get it done,or should I give it away as its really clear and great in low light.

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    I'd have it re-gassed, and get them to check the sealing on the front lens carrier, so many of these
    have had the parallax played with for air gun use, it's almost more likely to have been done than not if bought s/h.


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    I read this and shat myself that the Swaro was having problems.
    Re the bushnell, get another Swaro and itll sort the problem.
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    Cheers Dan,no mate the swar you sold me is the dogs,bowled a late fallow doe with it on saturday evening,with elmer fudd.That red dot,light gathering will account for a lot of last knockings,deer.
    Thanks again Dan

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    you see that green thing out side your window tone ,the one that has wheels on it , open the lid and place that bushnell inside it mate , problem solved

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    action optics southampton ,very very good service and quick too

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    Quote Originally Posted by tozzybum View Post
    action optics southampton ,very very good service and quick too

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    Is'nt that the recycle bin?

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