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    155 grain

    Can any one give me info on the best powder and primers to use with lapua casses and 155 grain scenar or 150 grain mega to use with 20 inch barrel with 1/10 pitch

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    I use TR140 with Federal GM primers a 155gr match-bullet from 30" barrel to reasonable effect.

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    Lovex 2520 is awesome powder with 155gr scenar at 2,830 oal,45.5 grains will give you in excess of 2900fps from a 26 inch barrel, work up, I went back down half a grain and tested, I didnt see any difference so I stuck with 45grs

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    If you have some N150, Varget, or RL15, start at 44.5 grains and work up cautiously to 47.0, using Federal GM210M or CCI BR2 primers. If you change from Lapua to a heavier brass, like Remington or military, you must start lower and cannot go that high. 2.850" COAL, because the bullet is a bit more sleek. Sweet spots should be around

    45.0 to 46.2 gr Varget
    45.0 to 46.2 gr RL-15
    44.0 to 45.0 gr IMR 4064
    43.5 to 44.7 gr N150
    Velocities for all will be above 2,950 fps for 26 inch barrels at the upper charges.

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    Let us know what powder and primers you can find, and how some of your loads work out.
    A 20-inch barrel .308 does not lose much velocity to a 24-inch, so you should have good speeds.

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    I'll second Lovex 2520 as giving very good results though I would say that with a 20" barrel such as the one I have you will get a lot of noise and muzzle flash. I will also endorse TR140 and N140 these too will give good results. Lovex and TR140 are also inexpensive.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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