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    Shot a roe doe this evening. She looked fit and was behaving normally. opened her up and she was pregnant with a big single, looked normal. Took gralloch out and as you can see nothing of note

    Then went in for the liver, lungs and heart and was surprised to feel something rock hard

    Turns out there was a massive growth on the liver with only about 25% of the liver remaining and looking healthy. Everything else seems normal.

    So fill your boots guys, what the hell is it?

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    If all other organs were normal then it's more than likely a cancerous tumour. Deer like most other animals can suffer from cancer.

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    Possibly a cancerous growth. I would suggest you PM Norman on the site aka morena as he will know the answer. Having said that we have one or two vets on the site including Apache.
    I would advise not eating the carcase for the time being until you have found out what it is.
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    Without compromising yourself can you tell us what area it was shot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedsalad View Post
    Without compromising yourself can you tell us what area it was shot?
    The chest!! Lol, only joking it was shot in North Yorkshire and ironically I was only telling a guy at the weekend, whilst instructing him in the grallloch, that I have rarely found anything out of the ordinary. Next day this!!

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    Your main differentials would be an abscess or a tumour.

    Liver tumours do pop up from time to time in the literature:

    Malignant Hepatoma in the White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus Osceola)

    And abscesses not uncommon. All the blood from the gut flows through the liver so it is a predilection site for both infection to seed, and cancer to spread from other organs.

    I'm thinking the lump to the left hand side could be the portal node - in technical terms it looks a bit 'lymphy-node-y'.

    A nice cut into the lump would have given us a lot more information, but if contemplating such things be careful where you stand - I've had a face full of puss on a number of occasions.

    Whether it is a abscess or a tumour so long as it is localised there is no reason the carcase cannot pass into the human food chain. Pay attention to whether the carcase 'sets' after death, as failure to do so is suggestive of pyrexia at the time of death.

    Bin the liver............

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    Agreed Apache. I'd also check out the other lymph nodes to give any indication if the carcass is OK. I'm just considering if to discard a carcass that had a small leg wound, but with lots of lymph nodes up. A previous carcass with a damaged leg was very localised and is OK

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