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Thread: Mossberg 600AT 3" magnum 12 gauge pump action

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    Mossberg 600AT 3" magnum 12 gauge pump action

    For Sale

    Mossberg 600AT Slugster pump action

    3" chamber

    2+1 capacity

    1/4 choke (if I remember right!)

    Good condition for age but has a few knocks and bumps which is to be expected.

    I bought it for wild fowling and it did a great job for the last year and a bit, only selling as I bought a semi auto, these are known for being reliable and solid.


    will rfd at buyers cost.

    viewing and test welcome if you're in the area.

    pm for more details.
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    Pm sent cam I have 1 st dibs please.

    regards chris

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotsgun View Post
    Just my luck.....noticed too late.
    Its not sold yet mate! Still available until someone commits!


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    is this still for sale?

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    Well up for this at full asking price.


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    If this falls through I'll take this, suspect it's gone to the gent above though.

    If not though PM me and I'll arrange collection and payment.

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    Thanks for the interest folks, i am enquiring about rfd costs but if it does or does not sell I will update you all ASAP.


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